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Using Privacy Manager


  1. In GAX Configuration Manager, go to eServices and select Privacy Manager.
  2. Select a UCS and tenant to use with Privacy Manager.

ES Admin PM853 UI.png

Privacy Manager is designed to be viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1280х1024, or a full HD resolution of 1920x1080.

Creating or Editing a Rule

  • To create a rule, click New.
  • To edit an existing rule, click the rule name or the Edit icon.

The window that opens is titled either New Rule/Test Rule or Edit Rule/Test Rule, but in either case the fields and functionality are identical.

New Rule, Edit Rule, Test Rule

Note the following:

  • For RegEx, you can either select one of the ready-made regular expressions or open the RegEx Create/Edit window to create a new one.
  • For Priority, 1 is the first (highest) priority, 2 is next, and so on.
Although it is possible to assign the same priority to multiple rules in the same group, Genesys recommends against doing so.

Testing a Rule

The right-hand pane of the edit/create window allows you to test a rule.

  • Test message is text that you will try applying the rule to. You can select a ready-made test message or write your own.
  • Click Test to run the rule on the test message. The results appear in Test Result.

Creating, Editing, and Testing RegExes

  • To create a RegEx,
    • Click New on the RegEx tab, or
    • Click New next to the RegEx field in the New Rule/Edit Rule window.
  • To edit a RegEx, click its Edit icon on the RegEx tab.
New RegEx/Test RegEx
  • Testing RegExes works in the same way as testing rules.

Importing and exporting rules

*Your account must have sufficient role privileges to use this feature. Refer to the Role-Based Access Control section for more information.

You can export and import rule sets as JSON files. This is useful if you want to copy a rule set to another instance of Privacy Manager.

To export a rule set, click ES Admin PM853 Export.png. Privacy Manager prepares the JSON file for export. Click Download to save the JSON file to your computer.

To import a rule set, click ES Admin PM853 Import.png. Select a JSON file and click Import.

Privacy Manager does not overwrite existing rules when you import a rule set. For example, if you import a rule set and a rule name matches one that already exists, Privacy Manager appends Copy_1_of_ to the imported rule name (for example, Credit Card rule for Chat becomes Copy_1_of_Credit Card rule for Chat).


Genesys recommends that you observe the following limits:

  • RegEx: no more than 400 per Tenant
  • Test Messages per RegEx: no more than 20
  • Rules per Group: no more than 200


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