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Converting to and From BLOB

Interaction Server ordinarily stores attached data in the flexible_properties field as a BLOB (binary large object).

Converting from BLOB

You can convert attached data to a custom field by running Interaction Server in a special utility mode, in which Interaction Server uses the key-value format of this attached data to convert all such fields to custom fields.

To run Interaction Server in utility mode, launch it from a command line with the following option:

-convert-fields [command_or_parameters]

where the optional command_or_parameters is one of the following:

  • reset—Ensures that the next run in utility mode will start processing from the beginning, rather than picking up where it left off.
  • bulk-size=N—Determines the number of records that are processed before committing the transaction. The default value is 100, valid values are any integer in the range 1–1000.

Here is an example command line:

interaction_server -host genesys_host -port 9876 -app IxnSrv05 -convert-fields reset

You can also have Interaction Server convert an existing database field into a BLOB, stored in the flexible_properties field. To do so, use the following procedure.

Converting a field to a BLOB

  1. Open the corresponding Business Attribute Value in Configuration Manager.
  2. In the translation section, add an option called to-delete and give it the value yes.
  3. Run Interaction Server in utility mode, as described above. Interaction Server, in utility mode, moves the content of all such fields into the flexible_properties field and leaves the custom field with an empty value.
When Interaction Server runs in utility mode all of its other features are disabled: it cannot process interactions or open ports for clients.
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