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Event Logger

In release 7.6.1 and later, Interaction Server includes Event Logger, a mechanism for storing reporting event messages in a database or a message queue. You can configure it to store all reporting events or a selected subset. You can also create multiple instances of it.

Interaction Server generates, to registered reporting engines, messages that provide a detailed picture of the processing of each interaction. It classifies these messages, in two ways. The attributes of these messages include much information about the interaction itself, such as its type, time received, associated agents, queues and workbins it was placed it, and so on. For a reference listing of these events and their attributes, see the “Reporting Messages” section of the “Other Protocol Events Used by Interaction Server” chapter of the Genesys Events and Models Reference Manual.

All configuration for the logger functionality is done in the Database Access Point (DAP) associated with the logger database.

There are ways to manage the flow of data produced by Event Logger.

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