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Chat Server Administration

This content has been moved to the Chat Server Administrator's Guide as of October 29, 2018 and, as such, the Chat Server content in this guide will no longer be maintained.

The following topics provide information for Chat Server administrators:

Feature Description
Sizing Guide, Setting Load Limits, and Health Monitoring Describes how much load a solution can hold, how to restrict the load and how to monitor the health per Chat Server instance.
Deploying a Chat Solution Describes how to deploy a Chat Solution.
Deploying High-Availability Chat Server Describes how to deploy multiple Chat Server instances in high availability mode.
Multilingual Processing Describes how to configure a solution to process/work with multiple languages.
Masking Sensitive Data Describes how to mask out sensitive data in chat session messages/transcripts and in Chat Server logs.
Inactivity Monitoring Describes how to configure chat session closure upon participants’ inactivity.
Matching Contact Attributes Describes the approach to contact identification and creation.
Sending ESP requests to Chat Session from Workflow Describes how to send messages, notices, and other requests from workflow (like URS/ORS strategies) to an active chat session.
Chat Server Reporting Statistics Describes Chat Server reporting statistics attached to the user data of the interaction in Interaction Server.
File Transfer in Chat Session Describes how to deploy and configure file transfer between chat session participants.
Chat Server API selected notes and topics Describes selected cases and topics on how to use Chat Server API for implementation of custom desktop and widget.
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