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Specify Attributes To Check in Contact Identification

  1. In Configuration Manager, open the Properties window for the desired contact attribute.
  2. On the Annex tab of the Properties window (to set Configuration Manager to show the Annex tab, see Configuration Manager Help ), create a settings section if it does not already exist.
  3. In the settings section, create an option called is-searchable. Set its value to TRUE to make UCS use this attribute in contact identification. Set its value to FALSE to keep UCS from using this attribute in contact identification.

    (The default value depends on the attribute. The five attributes used in UCS’s default behavior have the default value TRUE. All other attributes have the default value FALSE).
This procedure affects the value of the desired attribute’s IsSearchable attribute in the UCS database. You must use only this procedure to do this. Never edit any attribute or value directly in the database.
There is also a way to control which attributes are searchable from the agent desktop, described in the “Making an Attached Attribute Sortable” section of the “Interaction Package” chapter of the Genesys Events and Models Reference Manual
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