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Using the Groovy Event Logger

You can use the Groovy Event Logger to process reporting events using custom Groovy scripts.

The Groovy Event Logger is configured, as any other event logger, using the Database Access Point application and has its own specific options.

To enable the Groovy Event Logger, edit the option delivery-protocol and set the value to groovy.

The Interaction Server IP (installation package) contains sample Groovy projects that implement the following types of event loggers:

  • Elasticsearch Event Logger—Logs the reporting events to Elasticsearch.
  • Kafka Event Logger—Logs reporting events to the Kafka message queue.
  • File Event Logger—Simplified sample that logs the reporting events to files. Only use this project as a starting point or for integration with third-party systems.

The IP also contains a document that describes the sample projects, as well as an XML template file for each sample project.

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