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Contact Creation

If UCS cannot find a contact in its database that matches the contact associated with a new interaction, it creates one in its database.

Default Behavior

The default behavior is for UCS to simply create a new contact record. This behavior can be overridden for an interaction in a routing strategy using the IRD Identify Contact object (see Universal Routing 8.1 Interaction Routing Designer Help). For e-mail interactions only, you can also modify the default behavior by using one of the non-default settings of E-mail Server’s contact-identification option (see the eServices 8.1 Reference Manual).

Turning contact creation on and off

You can customize the default behavior for each media type.

  1. In Configuration Manager, go to Business Attributes > Media Type > Attribute Values and double click the media type that you want to adjust.
  2. On the Annex tab of the resulting Properties window (to set Configuration Manager to show the Annex tab, see Configuration Manager Help ), create a settings section if it does not already exist.
  3. In the settings section, create an option called create-contact . Set its value to FALSE to block contact creation for this media type. (The default value is TRUE ).

Setting minimum attributes for creation

You can also define a minimum set of contact attributes that must be present (must have values) for a contact to be created.

  1. In Configuration Manager, open the Properties window for the desired media type and go to its Annex tab.
  2. Create a contact-minimum-attributes-set section.
  3. In this section, create an option for each contact attribute that you want to require for contact creation. The option’s name must duplicate the attribute’s database name (displayed in the Name box of the Properties window, not the Display Name box); for example, PhoneNumber rather than Phone Number. The option’s value must be empty.
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