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Unicode Character Support

Although UCS supports Unicode character sets, other components of eServices and of the Genesys suite do not (in particular, URS and Interaction Server 8.5.0 and earlier—however, Interaction Server 8.5.1 and later does support UTF-8 on Windows deployments). This means that interactions that use a Unicode character set may be corrupted. Specifically, what may be corrupted is any part of the interaction’s data that is handled by Interaction Server or URS (or any other component that does not support Unicode). This includes attributes such as Subject, FirstName, and LastName. It does not include the body of the interaction, which is handled by UCS only.
The following scenario provides an example of how this corruption can happen:

  1. URS processes an interaction that includes Unicode user data, such as Subject. Because URS does not support Unicode, the Subject and other user data is corrupted.
  2. UCS receives RequestStopProcessing, either from URS or the agent desktop.
  3. UCS saves the interaction’s user data (this is done in case the user data has changed during processing), copying certain properties from the user data into the corresponding fields of its Interaction table.
    This user data includes the interaction’s subject, the value of which is copied into the Subject attribute. But the user data was corrupted during processing by URS, so the corrupted data is now stored in the UCS database.
  4. If the corrupted subject data is used to compose another e-mail (such as reply or redirect), the subject of the new e-mail is also corrupted.

As a workaround for this scenario, you can modify the applicable strategy so that it deletes the Subject user data before it issues RequestStopProcessing.

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