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Database Performance

This page provides general recommendations on running Microsoft SQL.

Further information on improving the performance of the Interaction Server database is also available.

Microsoft SQL 2000

  • In general, patch up to Service Pack 4.
  • If Microsoft SQL is running on a machine with over 2 GB of RAM, use Windows’ AWE (Address Windowing Extensions) mode. To avoid performance degradation, patch Microsoft SQL according to Microsoft’s recommendation “FIX: Not all memory is available when AWE is enabled on a computer that is running a 32-bit version of SQL Server 2000 SP4” (see http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=899761). This patch brings Microsoft SQL to version 8.00.2040.

Microsoft SQL 2005

There is an issue that occurs with Microsoft SQL 2005: when the database is very large (on the order of one million interactions), there are periodically exceptions in the Stat service, and CPU activity rises to 100%.

To avoid this issue, configure the UCS DAP as follows:

  1. Create a settings section.
  2. In this section, create an option called prepare and set its value to false.

This DAP configuration applies to Microsoft SQL 2005 only; configuring the DAP in this way with Microsoft SQL 2000 degrades performance.

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