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Frequently Asked Questions

GMS stands for Genesys Mobile Services, and CS for Context Services.

Do I have to install GMS to run CS?

Yes, as detailed in the installation page, the installation of Genesys Mobile Services is mandatory.

Do I have to license GMS to run CS?


If I install CS, can I use GMS?

Yes. GMS and GMS/CS are two distinct products which can be used within the same GMS instance, assuming that licensing for CS is correctly setup.

What is the difference between PUT and POST queries?

Both can be used to create and modify a resource, however:

  • PUT should be used to create or overwrite a resource.
  • POST should be used to modify and update a resource.

Can I manage profiles in GMS/CS?

No. GMS/CS does not include the Customer Profile API. The Customer Profile API is part of the UCS/CS product and will remain there, along with Contact related information and interactions history. The Service API which is migrated to GMS/CS keeps backward compatibility between APIs and no longer requires the schema provisioning for extensions.

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