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Update Service Extension

CSAPIProxyGMS.png PUT /services/${service_id}/extensions/${ext_name}


This operation replaces the extension value with a new extension value. The former value of the extension is lost.

In 8.5, extensions are JSON key-value pairs. This ensures backward compatibility and simplifies the management of extensions.

This operation supports the update of multi-valued extensions.


Updates a service's extension value
Method PUT
URL /services/${service_id}/extensions/${ext_name}
Name   Type   Mandatory Description
URI Parameters
${service_id} integer yes The ID of the service.
${ext_name} string yes The name of the extension
<extension> or <extension>[] Any JSON type yes Attached data as key-value pairs or array of key-value pairs.


The Context Management Service API answers with HTTP codes for every request. The following table shows the correct response for a successful request. See HTTPResponseCodesandErrors for further details on the possible codes that this operation can return.

HTTP code 200
HTTP message OK


The following operation updates the single-valued extension "score".

 PUT /services/8389/extensions/score
    "score": 85,
    "agentID": 2025

The following operation updates the multi-valued extension "relatedOffers".

 PUT /services/8389/extensions/relatedOffers
      "offer_name":"VIP credit card black ed.",
      "comments":"proposed to all client"
      "offer_name":"3 times payment GOLD",
      "comments":"limited offer"
      "offer_name":"life insurance",
      "comments":"health check to be done before approval"


 200 OK
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