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CSAPIProxyGMS.png Purpose: Describes an extension.


An extension is an attached data, available as a key-value pair where the key is a string and the value a JSON type (object, array, numbers, etc.) You can add, remove, and update extensions added to services, states, and tasks. In 8.5 and further releases, there is no schema definition for extensions. Your application can create and add extension records when dealing with standard services, states, and task operations. For instance, if you start a task, you can specify extensions in your operation body as shown in the following query:

POST  /genesys/1/cs/services/21456878/tasks/start
 "task_type":customer info,
   "question3":"will be better with cable tv and on-demand video"
  "Proposal": [
	   "car type":"cabriolet",
	   "price":25 000,
	   "comments":"200 cv, hardtop"
	   "car type":"S.U.V.",
	   "price":70 000,
	   "comments":"4wd, leather seats"

There is no specific field for service extensions. In the API reference, you can see that extensions are available when the <extension key> parameter is present, as follows:

Service/State/Task Extension
Field Type Mandatory Description
<extension key> Any JSON type no Attached data as key-value pairs. You can use as many key-value pairs as needed.

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