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Profile Extension

ApiRef2.png Purpose: Presents an extension for a customer profile.


Extends the customer profile with additional attribute resources. Note that for each extension resource, you must define first a profile extension schema. Extensions, like profiles, consist of a series of one or more Profile Attribute resources, which are defined with a predefined Profile Extension Schema.


Profile Extension
Field Type Mandatory Description
customer_id string yes if not part of a profile. The unique ID of the given customer.

Important.png This field is mandatory if the extension is not nested inside a Customer Profile.

name string yes The unique, case-insensitive name of the extension.
  • Starts with a letter to which you can append letters, numbers, or underscores.
  • Restricted to a maximum of 26 characters. (Maximum RDBMS shared limit on index creation.)
<attribute n> string
yes Individual attributes, defined in the Profile Extension Schema.
<attribute n> corresponds to the attribute name defined in the schema.
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