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Chat Interaction


Describes chat data for a multimedia interaction.


Name Type Mandatory Description
Chat-related information
established_date date/time<ref name="iso8601">UTC Time, using the ISO 8601 representation: [YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[HH]:[mm]:[ss].[SSS]Z</ref> no The date/time when the chat session was established with a contact center resource.
released_date date/time<ref name="iso8601"/> no The date/time when the chat session was released from the contact center resource.
Common Interaction fields
customer_id string yes The ID of the customer.
interaction_id string yes The Genesys GUID (or Call ID) for the interaction.
status integer yes Possible statuses:
  • 0-NEW
entity_type integer yes Possible types:
  • 0-EMAIL_IN
  • 2-CHAT
  • 7-INTERACTION (open media)
type string yes The type of the interaction (e.g. inbound, outbound, etc.)
sub_type string no The application-specific subtype which further classifies attribute "type".
media_type string yes The media type of the interaction:
  • voice
  • email
  • chat
  • callback
  • and so on.
parent_id string no The ID of the parent interaction, if applicable.
thread_id string no The ID of the thread to which this interaction should be appended, or the ID of the interaction at the root of the thread.
external_id string no The reference identifier for an external system.
owner_id integer no The DB ID of the Person who owns the interaction. (The Person is an object defined in the Genesys Configuration Server.)
creator_app_id integer yes The DB ID of the application that created the interaction.
start_date date/time<ref name="iso8601"/> yes The UTC time of the interaction's creation.
end_date date/time<ref name="iso8601"/> no The UTC time of the interaction's end.
timeshift integer no The number of minutes to add to or to substract from the specified UTC<ref name="iso8601" /> time in order to get the local time of the interaction's creation.
category_id string no The category assigned to this interaction by the Classification Server or the desktop's manual override.
allow_children boolean no True if child interactions can be added.
Information.png Default value is true.
subject string no An arbitrary textual subject for the interaction.
stopped_reason string no The application-specified reason for which the interaction ended.
text text no Plain text for the interaction.
structured_text url no The URL of the interaction's structured text.
structured_text_mime string yes if structured_text The mime type<ref name="mime"></ref> for the structured text, if specified (e.g. text/html). Mandatory if the parameter "structured_text" is specified.
binary_content url no The URL of the the interaction's binary content..
binary_content_mime string yes if binary_content The mime type<ref name="mime"></ref> for the binary content, if specified (e.g. text/html).
binary_content_size integer yes if binary_content The size of the binary content in bytes. Mandatory if the parameter "binary_content" is specified.
udata hash no A hash of key value pairs for the user data attached to the interaction.

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