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Customer Profile


Describes a customer profile. Available since: Customer profiles are built on top of legacy UCS Contact Attributes. They are multi-valued and support the primary attributes. If an attribute has several values, the first one of the JSON array is the primary attribute, the others are non-primary. Each customer profile consists in a list of attributes defined via business attributes, see the configuration options for further details. These attributes share the same level with the customer_id field (provided by the UCS to identify the customer).

In addition to these attributes, your application can add extensions (whose schema is defined with Schema Operations). See the table and example below.


Field Type Mandatory Description
customer_id string yes The unique ID of the given customer. Limited to 16 characters.
<attribute n>
  • string
  • datetime
yes Customer attributes, where <attribute n>is the attribute name<ref>See the configuration options for further details.</ref>. Attributes are not part of a separated array, see the example below.

The date/time formats are ISO 8601<ref>Wikipedia ISO 8601</ref>:[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[HH]:[mm]:[ss].[SSS]Z.

<extension n> Extension or Extension[] no Profile extensions, where <extension n> corresponds to the unique name of the profile extension resource.
  • For single-valued extensions, the result is a single Extension.
  • For multi-valued extensions, the field value is an an array of zero or more Extension.

<references />


The following output sample presents the representation for the customer John Doe. It includes 2 attributes : FirstName and LastName. The EmailAddress is an extension which contains two contact records.

   "FirstName": "John", 
   "LastName": "Doe",
   "EmailAddress": [
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