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Create Customer Profile

ApiRef2.png POST /profiles
Available since:


Creates a Customer Profile and returns the ID created by UCS. In 8.0.1, profiles are built on top of legacy UCS Contact Attributes. They are multi-valued and support the primary attributes. If an attribute has several values, the first value in the JSON array is the primary attribute and additional values are non-primary attributes. In 8.0.2, standard multi-valued extensions are available.


Prerequisites: The Customer Profile Schema exists.
Method POST
URL /profiles
Parameter   Type   Mandatory Description
Body: Customer Profile<ref>See Customer Profile for more information about the Customer Profile.</ref>
customer_id string yes The unique ID of the given customer. Limited to 16 characters.
<attribute n>
  • string
  • datetime
yes Customer attributes, where <attribute n>is the attribute name<ref>See the configuration options for further details.</ref>. Attributes are not part of a separated array, see the example below.

The date/time formats are ISO 8601<ref>Wikipedia ISO 8601</ref>:[YYYY]-[MM]-[DD]T[HH]:[mm]:[ss].[SSS]Z. Important.pngDo not use Unauthorized Strings as attribute values.

<extension n> Extension or Extension[] no Extensions, where <extension n> corresponds to the unique name of the profile extension resource.
  • For single-valued extensions, the extension's value is a single extension object (see Extension).
  • For multi-valued extensions, the extension's value is an array of zero or more Extensions.

<references />


The Context Management Service API answers every request with an HTTP code. The following table shows the correct response for a successful request. See HTTP Response Codes and Errors for further details on the possible codes that this operation can return.

HTTP code 201
HTTP message Created
Header Location: /profiles/${customer_id}


  • ${customer_id} is the created customer ID.
Body {"customer_id": ${customer_id}}


  • ${customer_id} is the customer ID.


Operation The following operation would create the customer profile for "Bruce Banner," as well as three associated telephone records that are grouped in the "Phone" extension. The e-mail address bruce.banner@marvelous.com is the primary e-mail attribute, while the other e-mail address is non-primary.

 POST /profiles/
    "FirstName": "Bruce", 
    "LastName": "Banner",
    "DOB": "1962-05-10",
    "EmailAddress": [
    "Phone": [
       "description":"family phone",
       "description":"businness calls only, no sales",


  Content-Location	http://ucsserver.mycompany.com:8080/path/profiles/00038b5SCVPU0007
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