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Journey Timeline

The Journey Timeline is a visual timeline representation of the Customer Journey map, depicting all the touch points of the customer for various services on different channels.

Some of the Timeline's key features include:

CM JourneyTimeline01.png



There are a number of filtering options available with Conversation Manager. You can filter by:

  • date
  • status
  • keywords
  • service type
  • state type

Customer Profile


Customer Profile displays basic information about the customer. This feature is optional and can be switched off. You can also create custom profile data and can edit the visible data from your configuration settings.

KPIs and Journey Metrics


With Conversation Manager, you can view KPIs for:

  • All Journeys (services)
  • Selected journey
  • All States (within a Journey)
  • Selected states

Other useful features include:

  • Data Visualizations
  • Alerts based on thresholds
  • Configurable KPIs
  • Navigation Trail to switch between all states and selected states

Journey Data


With Conversation Manager, you can push data with:

  • Journeys (Services)
  • States (within a Journey)

All this data is sortable and includes a navigation trail to switch between all states and selected states.

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