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Use Cases

This page lists a few of the use cases for Conversation Manager.

Observed Preferences

  1. A customer navigates the web site and chooses to use Spanish as their default language.
  2. The next time the customer calls the company the IVR menu is personalized. The customer preference to use Spanish can be used to default the language to reduce customer effort.
  3. If an agent interaction is required then the IVR can look ahead to see the estimated wait time for someone able to speak Spanish with the appropriate skill.


  1. Customer is online and is part way through an order when he abandons and calls into the contact center. Genesys Web Engagement observes the behavior and stores context in Conversation Manager.
  2. As Conversation Manager retains the context from the online session, the IVR application is aware of the customer activity and changes the prompting experience to match.
  3. Customer is invited to connect to an agent in real time.
  4. Agent is provided full context of the customer’s activity online and the customer is able to continue where they left off.

Frequent Contact Interceptor

  1. A customer is calling the contact center multiple times in a predefined threshold.
  2. Genesys checks Journey information in Conversation Manager for contact history.
  3. Conversation Manager identifies repeat contacts, customer intent and probable cause.
  4. A contact interceptor is offered to bypass IVR menus and route the caller based on business rules for high first contact resolution, fraud management or self-service deflection.
  5. Agent screen pop shows caller history and explanation for the classification.
  6. Journey Dashboard shows repeat contact activity across channels with trending for optimization.

Campaign Response

  1. Customer has been sent an SMS or Email regarding a new offer from the company.
  2. Customer picks up the phone and calls the company.
  3. IVR application is aware of the outbound SMS activity and is able to infer customer intent.
  4. The right agent is selected that can handle the customer interaction.
  5. Agents see the screen pop showing the entire customer history.

Predictive Personalization

  1. Customer is browsing the company web site.
  2. Using context from the customer profile or previous interaction history we can dynamically change the web site content to personalize the web experience.


  • Offer suggested products, special offers or coupons in real-time
  • Enable (or disable) contact channels (e.g. Priority service, contact number)
  • Schedule changes to web context based on rules

Recognizing Moments

  1. Customer is browsing items in-store and scans QR code, or a Beacon recognizes the customer is in proximity.
  2. Store associate is alerted in real time about a potential sale and is shown suggestions about what he should talk about.
  3. Context is captured for use in another channel in the future.
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