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Journey Mapping: Gathering Requirements

Before you begin optimizing a customer journey, you must understand your business objectives:

  • Ask for pain points and opportunities
  • Walk through Website or IVR flows and put yourself in your end user’s shoes
  • Understand the relevant gaps and opportunities to streamline and think about how you can leverage Conversation Manager
  • Think about how journeys can be optimized

The following questions will help you understand your business objectives:


  • What is the customer journey today?
  • What do you want the journey to be tomorrow?
  • How long do you want Context stored and relevant?
  • What constitutes journey success or failure?


  • What channels are you using?
  • What data do you need to collect from each Channel?

Personalization and Customer Experience (CX)

  • What do you want to achieve in terms of CX and business objectives?

Results and Measurement

  • What are the Rules needed to achieve results?
  • How do you want to measure Journey Milestones and display them in the Journey Dashboard?
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