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Accept Inbound Call

The following configuration is required for voice scenarios:

Setting up Acceptance of an Inbound Call

In order for the Callback service to accept an inbound call, you must set up the inbound.scxml matching service through Configuration Manager (or Genesys Administrator). The steps shown below use Configuration Manager.

Note: The inbound.scxml file is included in your GMS installation.


  1. In Configuration Manager, create an enhanced script object (for example, GMSInbound).
  2. On the Annex tab, configure the Application/url option as follows:
    • http://<gmshost>:<gmsport>/genesys/1/document/service_template/callback/src/inbound.scxml
  3. On the Annex tab, configure the ApplicationParms section by adding the below options:
    • app_find_agent_timeout = <timeout in seconds when routing to agent>
    • app_selected_agent_group = <agent_group for GMS match fails>
    • treatment_for_no_match = <treatment_file prior to routing on GMS match fail>
    • require_access_code = <true/false>
    • require_ani = <true/false>
  4. Configure a Route Point to use the enhanced routing object that you just created. To do this, on the Annex tab, configure the Orchestration/application option as follows:
    • script:GMSinbound


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