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Accept Chat Interaction

The following configuration is required for chat scenarios:

Setting up Acceptance of a Chat Interaction

In order for the Callback service to accept a chat interaction, you must set up the inbound_chat.scxml matching service through Configuration Manager (or Genesys Administrator). The steps shown below use Configuration Manager.

Note: The inbound_chat.scxml file is included in your GMS installation.


  1. In Configuration Manager, create an enhanced script object (for example, GMSInbound).
  2. On the Annex tab, configure the Application/url option as follows:
    • url = http://<gmshost>:<gmsport>/genesys/1/document/service_template/callback/src/inbound_chat.scxml
  3. On the Annex tab, configure the ApplicationParms section by adding the below options:
    • app_find_agent_timeout = <timeout in seconds when routing to agent>
    • app_selected_agent_group = <agent_group for GMS match fails>
  4. Configure an Interaction Queue to use the enhanced routing object that you just created. To do this, on the Annex tab, configure the Orchestration/application option as follows:
    • script:GMSinbound


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