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PureSuccess is a full-journey set of services focused on the customer’s success, giving the customer the assurance that Genesys is with them “all the way.” When a Genesys Engage or PureConnect customer subscribes with Genesys, PureSuccess is included with the subscription.

There are three PureSuccess options available to direct customers that provide varying levels of assistance during any phase of the customer’s journey. They differ by the levels of engagement depending on what fits the customer.

  • PureSuccess Drive. Customers can choose for Genesys to be hands-on and Drive them to maximizing the return on their investment.
  • PureSuccess Guide. Customers can choose for Genesys to Guide them in an advisor role in bringing them up to speed in a fast-paced CX world.
  • PureSuccess Equip. Customers can choose for Genesys to Equip them with the toolset and knowledge to engineer their own success.

For partners, the PureSuccess Partner package can be consumed by or through our channel partners at their discretion to reinforce their authority as experts who help their customers succeed.

In addition, we offer customers and partners the flexibility to supplement their offers with a la carte services from the PureSuccess Service Catalog to help further shape their journey with Genesys.

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