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SpeechMiner Silent Installation

A SpeechMiner Silent installation is a method of installing SpeechMiner without user interaction. That is, it is not necessary for the user to direct the installation process.

The SpeechMiner Silent installation bypasses all levels of user interaction by reading instructions that are coded within a answers.ini response file.
The answers.ini file contains replies to the prompts that the installer would get from the users input in a Wizard installation.

Before you begin a Silent installation, consider the following:

  • The Silent installer ignores window errors (for example, "could not open file"). All errors will appear in the installation log located in the installation path.
  • All of the options available in the Wizard installation can be configured in the answers.ini file. If the installer cannot find this file an error will appear in the log file and SpeechMiner will not be installed.
  • The answers.ini file is divided into sections. These sections represent the Wizard installation pages.
  • The Silent uninstall creates a log file in a directory that is configured by the user. This log contains errors and information about the unistall.
  • When installing SpeechMiner, the installation path cannot be longer than 50 characters. A path longer than 50 characters will not enable you to install SpeechMiner.
The Indexer component cannot be uninstalled using a SpeechMiner Silent Installation

To perform a SpeechMiner silent installation:

  1. Prepare the answers.ini file.
    1. Open a text file and save it with the name answers.ini.
    2. Enter the following code to determine the SpeechMiner deployment you want to install (for example, an Analytics & Recording deployment):
    3. [Installation Mode]
      Mode=Analytics and Recording UI
      You can also install a Recording UI Only or a Analytics Only deployment.

    4. Enter the following list and select the components that should be installed.
      Only components that have the value on will be installed.
    5. [SMComponents]
      Interaction Receiver=off

    6. Enter the supported language list to select the language you would like to install. For the full list refer to SpeechMiner Language Support
      Only languages with the value on will be displayed.
    7. [Languages]
      Some lang=on
      Other lang=off

    8. Set nodes for the Indexer:

      Enter the following to set several nodes for the Indexer: Note: the nodes path here is just an example.

      Enter the following to set a single node for the Indexer: Note: the nodes path here is just an example.

    9. Enter the following database credentials list.
      If the database component Windows Authenticated User is set to off, the value of each row (that is, field) under the component should be empty.
      If the database component Windows Authenticated User is set to on, only the values in the last two rows should be empty.
    10. [Database]
      Windows Authenticated User=off
      DB Server=<server>
      DB Name=<Name>
      DB User=<User>
      DB Password=<Password>

    11. Enter the following general information.
      If the reboot value is true, the computer will be automatically restarted after the installation.
      The uninstall log path must exist. The path for the uninstall log is the value of uninstall log path.
      If this value is empty, the path will be C:\Temp, and the user should verify that C:\temp exists. The uninstall log name is the value of uninstall log name. If this value is empty, the name will be SMuninstLog.txt.
    12. [General]
      uninstall log path=C:\Temp
      uninstall log name=SMuninstLog.txt

    13. Save the answers.ini file.
  2. Open the Command Line as an administrator.
    1. Run the following command in the folder that contains SpeechMinerInstall.exe:
    2. start "SpeechMinerInstall" /wait "SpeechMinerInstall.exe" /S

      If Indexer is also installed add /auth=user:password to the end of the command line. For example: start SpeechMinerInstall /wait SpeechMinerInstall.exe /S /ANSWERS_PATH=C:\SMInstallation /auth=dummy:dummy. The user:password value should be the same values used when you set the authentication for the indexer. See Step #10 in the Installing the SpeechMiner Components > Installing Using the Wizard.

    3. If the answers.ini file is not in the same folder as SpeechMinerInstall.exe, add the following to the end of the command:
    4. /ANSWERS_PATH=<answers file path>

    5. If the installation path is not C:\Program Files(x86)\Genesys\Software for a 64 bit machine or in C:\Program Files\Genesys\Software for a 32 bit machine, add the following to the end of the command.
      The installation path must be the last parameter used in the command line and it should not contain quotes (even if the path contains spaces).
    6. /D=<installation path>

    SpeechMiner is installed successfully.

To uninstall SpeechMiner in Silent mode, run the following command in the C folder: start "uninst" /wait "<uninst.exe path>\uninst.exe" /S .
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