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Working with Analytics Interaction Metadata

  • The following metadata interaction configuration details are not relevant for Genesys Interaction Recording configuration (GIR).
  • Every interaction in the Input folder should contain xml data that provides general information about the interaction (for example, interaction time, speakers, call length, and so on).
  • The name of the xml file must be unique and the same as the interaction file name.
  • The name of any attachment must be unique.

The xml file must include the following fields:

  • Call / Text Time: The time the interaction started.

  • Program ID: The external program name that processes the interaction.

  • Speakers: The name of the agent and customer that participated in the interaction. This field is not mandatory for social interactions.

  • Audio / Text Format: The interaction format (for example, eml, chtx, and so on).

  • Workgroup: The agent's hierarchy. This field is not mandatory for social interactions.

  • Media Type: The type of text interaction (for example, email, chat, text and/or social). This field is only mandatory and relevant for text interactions.

  • Other: Metadata field and value characters. The valid metadata field and value characters are alphanumeric, spaces, parenthesis (), and backslash \. This field is only mandatory for social interactions and must include the title, text and url fields.

The following are examples of the structure of the xml files for each interaction type:

Audio Interactions [+]

Email Interactions [+]

Chat Interactions [+]

Social Interactions [+]

Text Interactions [+]

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