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SMART Command Line

SMART Command Line is useful when you are working with a development system and a production system. That is, the command line option enables the administrator to run a command in the production system, that imports and applies SMART programs and topics that were created in the development system. The programs and topics are exported from the development system as a UPF file.

Before you perform the SMART Command Line, you must first configure which database should be used by the command line.

Configure which database should be used by the SMART Command Line


  1. Log into SMConfig.
  2. Select Services.
  3. In the Services window, select Update config files.
  4. Select the computer on which you want to run the SMART Command Line.
  5. Click Save.


  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Genesys\Software\utopy\product\bin\release.
  2. Open smartc.exe.config and find the following section:
        <add name="web_con_str" 
     Pool Size=10;Max Pool Size=1000;connection lifetime=10" />
  3. Replace the code in the square brackets with the correct values and remove the square brackets.
  4. Save the smartc.exe.config file.

Run the SMART Command Line

  1. Open a command line, type smartc followed by the parameters you want to use and press Enter.

    For example: smartc.exe [-i file.upf] [-a [-l Yes|No|Cancel]] [-u user -p password [-s|-g]]

    The following is a list of the parameters you can use:
    Command Description
    -i file.upf Import the file.upf file.
    -a Apply changes to production.
    -l Yes/No/Cancel Specify whether or not to unlock locked items.
    -u user User name.
    -p password User's password.
    -s Specify SpeechMiner authentication (default).
    -g Specify Genesys authentication.
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