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SpeechMiner®, Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories’s speech-analytics platform analyzes call content as well as text-based interactions such as e-mails and chats. Speech-analytics leverages recorded customer interactions (from any recording system), and analyzes each interaction for critical business topics and events. With unmatched accuracy, the system "listens" to conversations between customers and contact-center agents, precisely identifies the topics that were discussed, and categorizes what took place within each interaction.

SpeechMiner supports three modes of operation:

  • Analytics and Recording UI—In this mode, SpeechMiner plays back and analyzes the Genesys Interaction Recording calls, and records of other interactions, and process the contents of these calls/interactions.
  • Recording UI Only—In this mode, SpeechMiner plays back the call audio and displays the other interactions, but the contents of the interactions are not processed by the speech-analytics system.
  • Analytics Only—In this mode, SpeechMiner imports recorded call audio and records of other interactions from any recording system, then uses its speech-analytics system to process the contents of the interactions.

The SpeechMiner user interface is made up of two software components:

  • SpeechMiner browser-based interface, offers a variety of ways to access recorded interactions and the results of the analyses performed by the speech-analytics system (when Analytics mode is used). Users of the speech-analytics system can employ this interface to find interactions that have specific characteristics or that deal with particular topics, to identify and listen to the parts of calls that interest them, to audit and fine-tune SpeechMiner's call processing and keep track of a range of system-metrics.
  • SpeechMiner Administration Tool (SMART), enables users of the speech-analytics system to configure it to search interactions for specific topics and other characteristics.

This manual explains how to install and configure SpeechMiner. It is intended for system administrators. Most of the steps described are only performed once, usually with the help of Genesys Customer Care.

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