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Graceful Migration

Business Continuity supports the graceful migration of operations from two active SIP Server Peer sites to a single site, in cases where one full site needs to be taken offline or powered off--for example, to perform maintenance on an entire data center. The goal of graceful migration is to gradually move all business activity to the second site with no lost calls. Agents must migrate to the second site.

To start a graceful migration, you first configure your environment to stop sending calls to the SIP Server Peer site that you intend to shutdown. Using Genesys Administrator, you then initiate a graceful shutdown of the SIP Server itself, in which SIP Server stops accepting new calls, while still allowing any ongoing calls to finish, ensuring that no calls are dropped when this SIP Server instance is finally stopped.

Assuming that Site 2 is going to be taken offline, the overall procedure for graceful migration is follows:

  1. Configure the media gateways to stop sending new calls to Site 2.
  2. Configure the routing strategy to stop sending new calls to Site 2.
  3. Initiate the graceful shutdown procedure for SIP Server. You can initiate this in one of two ways:
    • Using Genesys Administrator, initiate the graceful shutdown procedure from the SIP Server Application object.
    • Sending a TPrivateRequest with serviceid=3019 from a T-Library client.
    Either of these actions starts the SIP Server graceful shutdown process.
  4. All agents are forcedly moved into the NotReady state. New calls can no longer be distributed to these agents.
  5. All new INVITE requests are rejected with a configurable error response (the option shutdown-sip-reject-code). All new calls initiated by T-Library requests are rejected.
  6. Agents on this SIP Server instance are forcedly logged out as they end their calls with an appropriate reason code. Once there are no more calls on this SIP Server, it shuts down.
  7. If the agents use Genesys Interaction Workspace, then they are logged in automatically at Site 1. SIP Server at Site 1 now handles all calls.
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