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Interaction Server Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
05/15/15 General X X X X

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What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • Starting with this release, the InteractionId property may include ASCII characters "hyphen-minus" (decimal code 45) and "underscore" (decimal code 95). Previously, only letters [A-Za-z] and numbers [0-9] were allowed in InteractionId.
  • This release implements a new option have-segmentation-indexes that controls how segmentation SELECTs are generated. If this option is set to 'true', Interaction Server generates SELECT statements relating to segmentation with the assumption that there are appropriate covering indexes that account for specific segmentation fields, view condition, and view order. This option must be set to 'false' unless appropriate tests are done to show that indexes are appropriately used by the database to execute the segmentation SELECTs efficiently. When set to 'false' (the default), the SELECT statements are generated without using a UNION clause. If changed, the option takes effect after server restart.
  • An agent can get statistics about all of their workbins or about group workbins, using the new RequestAgentWorkbinStats. The specification of the request is as follows:
Attribute Type Description
attr_prxy_client_id (51) Integer Optional. Identifier of client connected using a proxy; must be specified by the proxy. Ignored for any other type of client.
attr_extension (89) Key-value list Optional. Extensions
attr_ref_id (2) Integer Mandatory. Reference identifier of the request.
attr_tenant_id (12) Integer Optional. Tenant identifier (DBID). For agent applications, the logged-in agent tenant ID is taken. Clients of other types must provide this attribute value.
attr_workbin_agent_id (20) String Optional. Employee ID of the agent that the statistics apply to. If not specified, statistics for agent workbins are not included.
attr_workbin_place_id (62) String Optional. Place name of the place that the statistics apply to. Statistics for place workbins are not included.
attr_workbin_group_id (21) String Optional. Agent group names of the groups that the statistics apply to. If not specified, statistics for agent group workbins are not included. The names must be comma-separated.
attr_workbin_place_group_id (63) String Optional. Place group names of the groups that the statistics apply to. If not specified, statistics for place group workbins are not included. The names must be comma-separated.
      The response to this request contains a K-V list with the name of the workbin, name of the owner, owner’s type code, and a count of interactions (the count is provided only when it is not zero). This request is permitted for clients of the following types: Proxy, Agent, Reporting, and RoutingEngine.
  • Proxy clients can now subscribe to workbin change notifications. To do this, the proxy must specify the following new attribute in RequestWorkbinNotification and RequestCancelWorkbinNotification:
    • Attribute name: attr_tenant_id (12)
    • Type: Integer
    • Description: Tenant identifier (DBID) of the agent.

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

This release provides a workaround for unexpected DB Server behavior when, in cases of database disconnection, DB Server sends a notification that the database has been disconnected, instead of closing the client connection itself. Now, when Interaction Server gets such a notification, it closes the connection and initiates reconnect. (ESR-10007)

In this release, RequestChangeProperties from a media server does not reset the LastPlaceInQueueReason, keeping the reason set by the last RequestPlacedInQueue. In prior releases, Interaction Server changed the LastPlacedInQueueReason to a generic reason. (ESR-9935)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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