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Voice Platform Media Control Platform Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX HP-UX PA HP-UX IPF Linux Solaris Windows
07/15/14 General X X

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New in This Release

There are no restrictions for this release. This section describes new features that were introduced in this release of Voice Platform Media Control Platform.

Corrections and Modifications

This release also includes the following corrections or modifications:

The Media Control Platform no longer interleaves DTMF RTP event packets with silent RTP packets during MSML conference recording. (GVP-21495)

The MCP now supports the use of a relative URL reference inside the Location header of a 302 Found response. (GVP-21472)

The configuration options routefailovertime and routerecoverytime are now unhidden in the MCP configuration template.

Option: routefailovertime

Application: Media Control Platform

Section: transport

Valid values: 1-32

Specifies the failover time, in seconds, for SIP static routing and DNS HA routing. If a SIP request has not received a response within the failover time, and SIP static routing or DNS HA routing is enabled, then the SIP request will be retransmitted to an alternate route.

Takes effect: At restart

Option: routerecoverytime

Application: Media Control Platform

Section: transport

Valid Values: 1-600

Takes effect: At restart.

Specifies the recovery time in seconds for SIP static routing and DNS HA routing. When SIP static routing or DNS HA routing is enabled and the route is marked as unavailable due to an error or a SIP response timeout, then the route will be marked as available again after the recovery time. (GVP-21439)

The MCP now correctly passes child variables to the parent VXML page. Previously, during a multi-phase consultation, a transfer semantic error was thrown while MCP accessed child variables in the parent VXML page. (GVP-21412)

The MCP now accepts new incoming calls during mp3 recording. Previously, the MCP rejected those calls on rare occasions. (GVP-21394)

Push-video now plays properly on a pre-existing conference. You can also specify an extension for the push-video file, to avoid unnecessary fetching and optimize the video's performance. (GVP-21358)

The MCP no longer terminates when it encounters a Fetch error or an ASR error while performing audio transcoding. (GVP-21352)

On the RHEL 64-bit platform, the MCP no longer terminates while re-seeding random keys and after the MCP has generated approximately 34,000 SRTP session keys. (GVP-21351)

The MCP can now correctly navigate to the next page inside the catch block. Previously, MCP terminated when in the choice tag contained an invalid URL. (GVP-21331)

MCP now correctly resumes recording a call when an Agent returns to the caller after a consult. (GVP-21273)

The MCP no longer warns of buffer overflow and recording errors during MSML file-based call recording with mp3 files or GIR recording with mp3 files. The buffer capacity was increased to address this issue. (GVP-21269)

MCP no longer terminates when the VoiceXML application has an audio URL set to a directory. (GVP-21265)

Resource Manager no longer terminates while sending a SIP message to an invalid TCP destination (resolved by DNS SRV query), due to a network problem. (GVP-21232)

During a video mix conference, MCP now requests a new iFrame from the endpoints more frequently, to ensure that video is still being processed. Previously, video processing would stop when the buffer filled, because the endpoint's iFrame period was too long. (GVP-21186)

MCP no longer sends an incorrect error message id (20004 instead of 22022) and as a result, the SNMP Trap Receiver now receives this trap correctly. (GVP-21183)

Calls no longer end prematurely after this warning displays: VGDTMFRecognitionThread.C:1349 Recognition session 4612 does not exist. Previously, after this warning displayed, recognition and transfer attempts failed, and the call ended. (GVP-21164)

These configuration options are now session-configurable:

  • mp3.bitrate
  • mp3.interfrequency.encoding
  • mp3.samplingrate
  • mp3.use_integer_transcoder
  • mp3.use_lpfilter

Previously, they were not, even though the MCP configuration document stated that they were. Now, that statement is true. (GVP-21094)

Mixed video conferencing (video_output_type=mixed) with Genesys SIP endpoints now works correctly. Previously, conferences of this type stopped working after one minute. (GVP-21030)

Alarms with the message id 22022 and message id 22027 now correctly appear in MCP logs for the MRCPv2 TTS/ASR server. (GVP-21011)

To achieve optimal performance for MCP on RHEL 6, you must use the ext3 file system. This change resolves a performance issue with RHEL 6. (GVP-19454)

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