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Genesys Interactive Insights 8.5.0 Deployment Procedure

This deployment procedure applies to all 8.5.0 releases of Genesys Interactive Insights listed in the 8.5.0 Release table. Most releases use the same standard deployment procedure.

Standard Deployment Procedure for Migrating to 8.5.0

To deploy this installation package within a new environment, follow the instructions provided in the latest Genesys Interactive Insights Deployment Guide.

To deploy the package within your existing 8.5.x GI2 environment, perform the following steps:

Deployment Steps

  1. Create a backup of the BusinessObjects repository including the GI2 universe and reports. For example, export the universe and reports to a LCMBIAR file.
  2. Following the instructions in the Genesys Info Mart 8.5.x Deployment Procedure, migrate your Info Mart database schema to the version that is associated with the appropriate Genesys Info Mart release. For each RAA 8.5.x release, the Product Alerts lists the supported Genesys Info Mart releases that interoperate with RAA.
  3. Verify that you have SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform (BI) 4.1 installed, and upgrade it to Service Pack 6 if this has not already been done. SAP BusinessObjects documentation provides upgrade instructions.
  4. If your deployment uses PostgreSQL for the Info Mart database:
    1. Edit the file postgresql.prm, which is stored in one of the following locations:
      • Windows: <BI_INSTALLDIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dataAccess\connectionServer\jdbc
      • Linux: <BI_INSTALLDIR>/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/dataAccess/connectionServer/jdbc
    2. Within postgresql.prm, replace or add the USER_INPUT_DATE_FORMAT parameter definition:
      from: <Parameter Name="USER_INPUT_DATE_FORMAT">{\d 'yyyy-mm-dd'}</Parameter>
      to: <Parameter Name="USER_INPUT_DATE_FORMAT">{\t\s 'yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss'}</Parameter>
    3. Save the file and restart the BOE instance.
  5. Reinstall GI2 from its installation package following the instructions in the Genesys Interactive Insights Deployment Guide. For UNIX, deploy the installation package using the bash shell. Note: The GI2 universe and reports will be installed to the directory named for the release number (such as 8.5.0) within the BusinessObjects repository.
  6. Check for errors using the Central Management Console (Promotion Management -> Promotions Jobs).
  7. If the version of RAA provided with Genesys Info Mart is an older version than the RAA software provided with this version of GI2, you must deploy (into your Genesys Info Mart root) the version of RAA that is included with GI2. For more detailed information, see the Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Deployment Guide.
  8. If your environment collects social media metrics, and you want to run the standard GI2 social media reports (Agent Interaction Hierarchy, Agent Social Engagement, and Social Engagement reports) without customization, run the make_gim_UDE_template_<dbms>.sql script (provided within the RAA installation package) if it has not been run already. For more information about configuring social media user data, refer to the Genesys Interactive Insights User’s Guide.

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