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Genesys Administrator Extension Release Notes

This is the first 9.x release of Genesys Administrator Extension.
Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
12/13/18 General X X

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JDK 1.8 is mandatory to install GAX 9.0.000.xx.

What's New

This release contains the following new features or enhancements:

  • GAX interface has been updated to comply with the latest Genesys UX 3.0 design guidelines. (GAX-9983, GAX-10028)
  • GAX now provides navigation links to edit the dependent or associated objects within all configuration objects; for example, Persons, Agent Groups, Access Groups, Roles, Skills, DN Groups, Place Groups, and so on.
    Additionally, the Back button in the General tab of the configuration objects enables you to return to the original configuration object from which you navigated to the associated configuration object.
    Note: The Back button is available only in the General tab of hyperlinked configuration objects and it may not work properly if it is used intermittently with the Browser back button. (GAX-9957, GAX-9997, GAX-10074)
  • You can now configure the following new GAX application options:
    • [general]disable_change_password
    • [general]validate_data
    For more details, see Configuration Options. (GAX-10027, GAX-10083)
  • GAX is now built with JDK 8. (GAX-10179)
  • GAX now uses Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605. (GAX-9987)
  • To allow ease of navigation in Configuration Manager, GAX now displays all available configuration objects under each panel on the Configuration Manager view. Previously, you can see the configuration objects listed under each panel only when you hover over the panel header. (GAX-9958)

Resolved Issues

This release contains the following resolved issues:

The More menu is now visible in all configuration objects of single-tenant Configuration Manager. (GAX-10121)

The Maximum Capacity of Capacity Rules now accepts value within the rangle of 1 to 255 only. (GAX-10108)

This release of GAX fixes a password-related security vulnerability. (GAX-10106)

The Personality Name field now accepts a value containing special characters and displays the name as entered. Previously, the Personality Name that contained special characters was displayed as encoded text. (GAX-10071)

GAX restarts without failures after Configuration Server switch-over in high availability setup. (GAX-10070)

GAX no longer validates the whitelisted host URLs if the [security].host_whitelist_enabled option is set to false. (GAX-10055)

The Delete button is now enabled when filtered items in the Transactions > Options list are selected. Previously, the Delete button remained greyed out during this operation. (GAX-10038)

All concurrent changes made to various parameters of a Parameter Group by different users are now saved correctly. Previously, changes that the other logged-in users made were overridden with the changes that the last logged-in user made. (GAX-10011)

GAX now restricts the users from selecting more than one filter string from the drop-down list across all column filters on the Agents Dashboard. Previously, users could select more than one filter string. (GAX-10008)

After clearing browser cookies, now the default language remains the same in the localized GAX. Previously, the default language changed to English.

GAX no longer generates duplicate audit log messages in the Centralized Log for every Audio Resource-related changes. (GAX-9942)

GAX now displays audit level search results correctly when using any additional filters such as configuration objects in the Advanced Search field of Centralized Log. Previously, the filter displayed no results even though the log entries were available. (GAX-9864)

Upgrade Notes

No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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