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How Do I View the Aggregation Query?

The Scheme files for the Genesys-provided hierarchies include high-level constructions that employ macros. These macros simplify development of SQL queries but make it difficult to see the actual queries that are passed to the RDBMS. This page describes where and how to view these queries.

Using LogLevel=FINEST Logs Database Queries

To view the actual SQL queries for the interval-based aggregates (in which subhour data is stored in tables rather than views), you must submit a request to reaggregate data for any range of time and then run aggregation with the finest log level of detail:

[+] Viewing SQL Queries for Interval-Based Aggregates

printQuery Logs RAA Queries

In autonomous mode, you can also specify the -printQuery runtime parameter on the command line to output a particular query to the log:

java -jar ./agg/GIMAgg.jar -printQuery queryName -log logfile


  • queryName is any query that is known to the aggregation engine.

Executing this command with this parameter requires no connection to Info Mart. For more information about the -printQuery parameter, refer to its description in the Reporting and Analytics Aggregates Deployment Guide.

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