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Delivery Receipts

To request a delivery receipt set the registered_delivery field to 1. Genesys may return more than one delivery receipt for each MT. Every receipt Genesys receives from a mobile carrier is forwarded to the client.

The text of the delivery receipt is passed unmodified from the carrier. Some arrive in the format suggested by the SMPP spec; some do not.

To correlate the receipt to an MT use the TLV parameter receipted_message_id in the receipt.

Do not rely on any ID specified in the text of the receipt, as this will be the carrier's message ID and not the ID from Genesys SMS Aggregation Service.

Delivery Receipt Status Codes

The TLV message_state parameter contains the status of a receipt.

The value of this field is per the SMPP 3.4 specification, but is also listed below:

Message State Code Description
ENROUTE 1 The message is en-route to the handset.
DELIVERED 2 The message has been delivered to the handset.
EXPIRED 3 The message expired before reaching the handset.
DELETED 4 The message was deleted by an Aggregator.
UNDELIVERABLE 5 The message is undeliverable to the handset.
ACCEPTED 6 The message has been accepted by an Aggregator.
UNKNOWN 7 The state of the message is unknown.
REJECTED 8 The message has been rejected.
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