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High Availability and Disaster Recovery for the Genesys SMS Aggregation Service

This document explains the High Availability and Disaster Recovery features of the Genesys SMS Aggregation service. The terms High Availability and Disaster Recovery are often used interchangeably and therefore it's important to first define them:

  • High Availability (HA)—HA minimizes service outages from a single datacenter by ensuring that all components are deployed using redundant and/or fault-tolerant components.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)—DR is the ability to provide service in a major event which causes a complete outage at a datacenter.

Hereinafter we will use the abbreviations HA and DR.

Document Overview

This document details the design approaches use to provide these two features.

Data Centers

The SMS Aggregation service runs in the two Data Centers (DCs). The service is setup in an active/active configuration.

Clients are advised to read sections HA SMSC, DR SMSC, and DR HTTP to understand how to utilise both sites and minimise any potential downtime.

If you need additional contact information to access these datacenters, contact your Genesys representative.

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