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Reach List for Genesys SMS Aggregation Service

Country ID Short Name Long Name Notes
zz lookup 99901 Look-up Look-up carrier and send, US & Canada only
zz devnull 99999 Test Carrier Special carrier for testing
ae duuae-ae 78402 DU UAE
ae etisalat-ae 78401 Etisalat UAE
ae unknown-ae 78499 Unknown UAE
al amc-al 00805 AMC Albania
al eagle-al 00803 Eagle Mobile Albania
al plus-al 00804 Plus Albania
al unknown-al 00899 Unknown Albania
al vodafone-al 00802 Vodafone Albania
ar cti-ar 03201 CTI Movil Argentina
ar movistarcdma-ar 03246 Movistar Argentina (CDMA) Argentina
ar personal1-ar 03204 Telecom Personal Argentina
ar personal2-ar 03205 Telecom Personal Argentina
ar movistar-ar 03202 Movistar Argentina
ar nextel-ar 03235 Nextel Argentina
ar personal-ar 03203 Personal Argentina
ar unknown-ar 03299 Unknown Argentina Argentina
at a1-at 04001 Austria A1 Austria
at austria1-at 04004 Austria One Austria
at h3g-at 04002 Austria H3G Austria
at lycamobile-at 04005 Lycamobile AT Austria
at tmobile-at 04003 Austria T-Mobile Austria
at unknown-at 04099 Unknown Austria
au h3g-au 03600 Hutchison 3G Australia
au optus-au 03601 Australia Optus
au telstra-au 03602 Australia Telstra
au unknown-au 03699 Unknown Australia Australia
au virgin-au 03604 Australia Virgin
au vodafone-au 03603 Australia Vodafone Australia
bd aktel-bd 05002 AkTel Bangladesh
bd grameenphone-bd 05001 Grameenphone Bangladesh
bd sheba-bd 05003 Sheba Telecom Bangladesh
bd teletalk-bd 05004 Teletalk Bangladesh
bd unknown-bd 05099 Unknown Bangladesh
bd warid-bd 05005 Warid Bangladesh
be base-be 05605 Belgium Base
be lycamobile-be 05603 Lycamobile Belgium
be mobistar-be 05604 Belgium Mobistar
be proximus-be 05601 Belgium Proximus Belgacom Mobile
be telenet-be 05602 Telenet Belgium
be unknown-be 05699 Unknown Belgium
bg btc-bg 10001 BTC Mobile Bulgaria
bg globul-bg 10003 Globul Bulgaria
bg mobiltel-bg 10002 MobilTel Bulgaria
bg unknown-bg 10099 Unknown Bulgaria
bo nuevatel-bo 06860 NuevaTel PCS Bolivia Viva Bolivia
bo entel-bo 06831 Entel Bolivia
bo unknown-bo 06899 Unknown Bolivia
br telecom-br 07654 Brazil Telecom
br tim-br 01006
br claro-br 07601 Claro Brazil
br oi-br 07602 Oi Brazil Formerly Telemar
br tim1-br 07603 TIM 1 Brazil
br tim2-br 07604 TIM 2 Brazil
br tim3-br 07605 TIM 3 Brazil
br unknown-br 07699 Unknown Brazil
br vivo-br 07606 Vivo Brazil
bw btc-bw 07203 BTW Mobile Botswana
bw mascom-bw 07201 Mascom Botswana
bw orange-bw 07202 Orangebtwna(Vista) Botswana Vista
bw unknown-bw 07299 Unknown Botswana
ca acrovoiceiristel-ca 12415
ca acrovoicethinktel-ca 12414
ca chatr-ca 12416
ca cityfonefido-ca 12418
ca cityfonerogers-ca 12417
ca fibernetics-ca 12419
ca fongo-ca 12420
ca gogii-ca 12421
ca ice-ca 12422 Google Voice Canada
ca isp-ca 12423
ca knet-ca 12424
ca koodo-ca 12425
ca lesnet-ca 12427
ca mike-ca 12429
ca northwestel-ca 12430
ca solomobile-ca 12432
ca telcentris-ca 12433
ca telcentrisprimus-ca 12434
ca telcentrisxo-ca 12435
ca telebec-ca 12407 Telebec Limited Canada
ca textme-ca 12437
ca thunderbay-ca 12438
ca thunderbayfido-ca 12440
ca thunderbayrogers-ca 12439
ca toktumi-ca 12428
ca txtwire-ca 12441
ca voxbone-ca 12442
ca aliant-ca 12406 Bell Aliant Canada Aliant Telecom (Mobility
ca bell-ca 12412 Bell Mobility Canada Subsidiary brands include:
  • Aliant
  • NorthernTel
  • Northwestel
  • Solo
  • Telebec
ca eastlink-ca 12410 Eastlink Canada
ca fido-ca 12453 Fido Canada Rogers Wireless, Microcell
ca gvoice-ca 12409 Google Voice Canada
ca lynxmobility-ca 12413 Lynx Mobility Canada
ca mobilicity-ca 12405 Mobilicity Canada Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc.
ca mts-ca 12426 MTS Mobility Canada
ca northerntel-ca 12408 NorthernTel Limited Partnership Canada
ca public-ca 12411 Public Mobile Inc Canada Telus
ca rogers-ca 12402 Rogers Wireless Canada
ca sasktel-ca 12436 SaskTel Mobility Canada
ca telus-ca 12493 Telus Mobility Canada Subsidiary brand Koodo
ca unknown-ca 12499 Unknown Canada
ca videotron-ca 12403 Vidéotron Canada
ca virgin-ca 12487 Virgin Mobile Canada
ca wind-ca 12404 Wind Mobile Canada Globalive Wireless Management
cl entel-cl 15246 Entel Chile
cl globaltel-cl 15266 GlobalTel Chile
cl movistar-cl 15239 Movistar Chile
cl telsur-cl 15236 Telsur Chile Telefonica del Sur
cl claro-cl 15201 Claro (Smartcom) Subsidiary of America Movil
cl multikum-cl 15205 Multikum Chile
cl nextel-cl 15204 Nextel Centennial Chile WOM, a subsidiary of Novator
cl telefonica-cl 15202 Telefonica Chile
cl unknown-cl 15299 Unknown Chile
cn chinamob-cn 15601 China Mobile
cn chinatel-cn 15603 China Telecom
cn chinauni-cn 15602 China Unicom GSM
cn unknown-cn 15699 Unknown China
co avantel-co 17004 Avantel Colombia
co comcel-co 17001 Comcel Colombia Formerly Comcel
co movistar-co 17002 Movistar Colombia
co tigo-co 17038 Tigo Colombia Colombia Movil
co unknown-co 17099 Unknown Colombia cytamobile-cy
cr claro-cr 18801 Claro CR Telecommunications Costa Rica
cr ice-cr 18817 ICE Cellular Costa Rica
cr telefonica-cr 18803 Telefonica Costa Rica
cr tuyo-cr 18804 Tuyo Movil Costa Rica
cr unknown-cr 18899 Unknown Costa Rica
cy areeba-cy 19602 Areeba Cyprus Formerly Areeba Cyprus
cy cytamobile-cy 19601 Cytamobile-Vodafone Cyprus A Subsidiary of Cyta
cy unknown-cy 19699 Unknown Cyprus
cz cesky-cz 20303 Cesky Mobil Czech Republic Formerly Cesky Mobil
cz telefonica-cz 20302 Telefonica O2 Czech Republic Subsidiary of PPF
cz tmobile-cz 20301 T-Mobile Czech Republic
cz ufon-cz 20304 Ufon Czech Republic
cz unknown-cz 20399 Unknown Czech Republic
de eplus-de 27601 Germany E-Plus
de o2-de 27602 Germany O2
de tmobile-de 27603 Germany T-Mobile
de unknown-de 27699 Unknown Germany
de vodafone-de 27604 Germany Vodafone
dk 3-dk 20804 Three Denmark
dk tdc-dk 20801 Denmark TDC Formerly Tele Denmark
dk telenor-dk 20802 Telenor Denmark
dk telia-dk 20803 Telia Denmark
dk unknown-dk 20899 Unkown Denmark
do claro-do 21450 Claro Dominican Republic
do orange-do 21416 Orange Dominican Republic
do unknown-do 21499 Unknown Dominican Republic
do viva-do 21452 Viva Dominican Republic
ec movistar-ec 21833 Movistar Ecuador A subsidiary of Telefonica Ecuador
ec porta-ec 21869 Porta Ecuador A subsidiary of Telecel
ec alegro-ec 21835 Alegro Ecuador aka Telecsa Merged with CNT
ec conecel-ec 21802 Conecel Ecuador
ec otecel-ec 21803 Otecel Ecuador A subsidiary of Telefonica Ecuador
ec unknown-ec 21899 Unknown Ecuador
ee elisa-ee 23303 Elisa Estonia
ee emt-ee 23302 EMT Estonia
ee tele2-ee 23301 Tele2 Estonia
ee unknown-ee 23399 Unknown Estonia
eg etisalat-eg 81801 Etisalat Egypt
eg mobinil-eg 81805 Mobinil Egypt
eg unknown-eg 81899 Unknown Egypt
eg vodafone-eg 81803 Vodafone Egypt
es euskaltel-es 72412 Euskatel Spain
es barablu-es 72415 Barablu Spain
es digimobile-es 72417 Digimobile Spain
es jazz-es 72414 Jazz Telecom
es lebara-es 72418 Lebara Spain
es ono-es 72413 Ono Spain Vodafone
es pepephone-es 72416 Pepephone Spain
es unknown-es 72499 Unknown Spain
es yoigo-es 72411 Yoigo Spain
fi alands-fi 24603 Alands Mobiltelefon Finland
fi elisa-fi 24601 Finland Elisa
fi finnet-fi 24602 Finnet (Suomen 2G) Finland
fi saunalahti-fi 24604 Saunalahti Finland Merged into Elisa, formerly Jippii
fi sonera-fi 24605 Finland Sonera
fi unknown-fi 24699 Unknown Finland
fr bouygues-fr 25001 France Bouygues Telecom
fr freemobile-fr 25004 FreeMobile France
fr nrj-fr 25005 NRJ France
fr omea-fr 25006 OMEA France
fr orange-fr 25002 France Orange
fr sfr-fr 25003 France SFR
fr unknown-fr 25099 Unknown France
gh areeba-gh 28801 Areeba Ghana Formerly Spacefon
gh glo-gh 28806 Glo Ghana Subsidiary of Globacom
gh kasapa-gh 28804 Kassapa Telecom France Subsidiary of Expresso Telecom
gh onetouch-gh 28802 ONETouch France
gh tigo-gh 28803 Tigo France
gh unknown-gh 28899 Unknown Ghana
gh zain-gh 28805 Zain Ghana
gr cosmote-gr 30001 Cosmote Greece Subsidiary of OTE
gr qtelecom-gr 30003 Q-Telecom Greece Acquired Q-Telecom
gr stethellas-gr 30004 Stet Hellas TIM Greece
gr unknown-gr 30099 Unknown Greece
gr vodafone-gr 30002 Vodafone Panafon Greece
gt claro-gt 32081 Claro Guatemala
gt movistar-gt 32012 Movistar Guatemala
gt tigo-gt 32064 Tigo Guatemala
gt comcel-gt 32001 Comcel Guatemala Subsidiary of Milicom
gt sercom-gt 32002 Sercom aka Claro Guatemala Formerly Sercom
gt telefonica-gt 32003 Telefonica Guatemala
gt unknown-gt 32099 Unknown Guatemala
hk chinamotion-hk 34405 China Motion Telecom Hong Kong VelaTel
hk csl-hk 34401 CSL Hong Kong
hk hutchison-hk 34402 Hutchison Hong Kong Three
hk newworld-hk 34406 New World Hong Kong
hk peoples-hk 34407 Peoples Hong Kong China Mobile
hk smartone-hk 34403 SmarTone Hong Kong
hk sunday-hk 34408 Sunday Hong Kong Defunct
hk trident-hk 34404 Trident Hong Kong Defunct MVNO
hk unknown-hk 34499 Unknown Hong Kong
hn tigo-hn 34051 Tigo Honduras
hn unknown-hn 34099 Unknown Honduras
hu pannon-hu 34801 Pannon Formerly Pannon
hu tmobile-hu 34802 T-Mobile Westel Hungary
hu unknown-hu 34899 Unknown Hungary
hu vodafone-hu 34803 Vodafone Hungary
id 3indonesia-id 36008 3 Indonesia
id excelcom-id 36001 Excelcom Indonesia
id indosatim3-id 36004 Indosat IM3/StarOne Indonesia
id indosatsatelindo-id 36002 Indosat Satelindo Indonesia
id lippotel-id 36005 LippoTel Indonesia
id mobile8-id 36006 Mobile 8 Indonesia Mobile-8
id telkomflexi-id 36007 Telkom Flexi Indonesia
id telkomsel-id 36003 Telkomsel Indonesia
id unknown-id 36099 Unknown Indonesia
ie 3-ie 37204 Ireland 3 Ireland
ie liffey-ie 37205 Liffey Ireland
ie meteor-ie 37203 Ireland Meteor
ie o2-ie 37202 Ireland O2
ie unknown-ie 37299 Unknown Ireland
ie vodafone-ie 37201 Ireland Vodafone
in aircel-in 35601 Aircel Ltd India
in airtelkarnataka-in 35602 Airtel Karnataka India
in airtelmumbai-in 35603 Airtel Mumbai India
in bharat-in 35604 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd India
in etisalat-in 35605 Etisalat India
in idea-in 35606 IDEA Cellular India
in loop-in 35607 Loop Mobile India
in mahanagar-in 35609 Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd India
in mts-in 35608 MTS India
in reliance-in 35610 Reliance India
in spice-in 35611 Spice Communications India IDEA Cellular
in tata-in 35612 Tata Indicom Karnataka India
in uninor-in 35613 Uninor India
in unknown-in 35699 Unknown India Operator India
in vodafone-in 35614 Vodafone Essar India
it lycamobile-it 38008 Lycamobile Italy
it noverca-it 38007 Noverca Italy
it tim-it 38005 TIM Italy
it unknown-it 38099 Unknown Italy
it vodafoneomnitel-it 38006 Vodafone Omnitel Italy
jp emobile-jp 39204 eMobile Japan Merged with Willcom
jp kddi-jp 39201 KDDI Japan
jp ntt-jp 39202 NTT DoCoMo Japan
jp unknown-jp 39299 Unknown Japan
jp vodafone-jp 39203 Vodafone (J-Phone)
ke unknown-ke 40499 Unknown Kenya
kh camgsm-kh 11601 CamGSM Cambodia
kh camshin-kh 11606 Camshin Shinawatra Cambodia Camshin
kh latelz-kh 11604 Latelz (Smart) Cambodia Axiata
kh metfone-kh 11605 Metfone Cambodia
kh qbcambodia-kh 11603 QB Cambodia
kh samart-kh 11602 Samart Cambodia
kh unknown-kh 11699 Unknown Cambodia
kr ktfreetel-kr 41001 KT Freetel Korea Republic Korea Telecom
kr lgtelecom-kr 41003 LG Telecom Korea Republic
kr sktelecom-kr 41002 SK Telecom Korea Republic
kr unknown-kr 41099 Unknown Korea Republic Of
kw mtcnet-kw 41401 MTCnet Kuwait Mobile Telecommunication Co.
kw unknown-kw 41499 Unknown Kuwait
kw viva-kw 41403 Viva Kuwait
kw wataniya-kw 41402 Wataniya Telecom Kuwait Formerly Wataniya Telecom
li mobilkom-li 43803 Mobilkom Liechtenstein Formerly Mobilikom Liechtenstein
li orange-li 43802 Orange Liechtenstein
li telecom-li 43801 Telecom Liechtenstein
li unknown-li 43899 Unknown Liechtenstein
lt bite-lt 44003 Bite Lithuania
lt omnitel-lt 44002 Omnitel Lithuania
lt tele2-lt 44001 Tele2 Lithuania
lt unknown-lt 44099 Unknown Lithuania
lu pt-lu 44201 PT Luxembourg Formerly P&T Lucembourg
lu tango-lu 44202 Tango Luxembourg Subsidiary of Belgacom
lu unknown-lu 44299 Unknown Luxembourg
lu vox-lu 44203 VOXmobile
lv bite-lv 42802 Bite Latvia
lv izzi-lv 42804 IZZI Latvia
lv lmt-lv 42803 LMT Latvia
lv tele2-lv 42801 Tele2 Latvia
lv unknown-lv 42899 Unknown-Latvia
ma unknown-ma 50499 Unknown Morocco
mt go-mt 47002 GoMobile Malta
mt melita-mt 47003 Melita Malta
mt unknown-mt 47099 Unknown Malta
mt vodafone-mt 47001 Vodafone Malta
mx unefon-mx 01012 Unefon Mexico
mx iusacell-mx 48401 Iusacell Mexico
mx movistar-mx 48405 Movistar Mexico
mx nextel-mx 48402 Nextel Mexico AT&T
mx telcel-mx 48403 Telcel Mexico
mx telefonica-mx 48404 Telefonica Mexico
mx unknown-mx 48499 Unknown Mexico
my unknown-my 45899 Unknown Malaysia
my celcom-my 45801 Celcom Malaysia
my digi-my 45803 Digi Malaysia
my maxis-my 45802 Maxis Malaysia
my umobile-my 45804 U Mobile Malaysia
ng unknown-ng 56699 Unknown Nigeria
ni movistar-ni 55826 Movistar Nicaragua
ni enitel-ni 55801 Enitel Nicaragua Formerly Enitel
ni telefonica-ni 55802 Telefonica Nicaragua
ni unknown-ni 55899 Uknown Nicaragua
nl kpn-nl 52804 Netherlands KPN
nl lycamobile-nl 52805 Lycamobile Netherlands
nl orange-nl 52808 Orange Dutchtone Netherlands Dutchtone
nl tele2-nl 52801 Tele2 Netherlands Formerly Versatel Telecom
nl teleena-nl 52803 Teleena Holding Netherlands
nl telfort-nl 52806 Netherlands Telfort Subsidiary of KPN
nl tmobile-nl 52807 Netherlands T-Mobile
nl unknown-nl 52899 Unknown Netherlands
nl vodafone-nl 52802 Netherlands Vodafone
no barablu-no 57801 Barablu Mobile Norway
no mtu-no 57802 MTU (Teletopia) Norway Teletopia
no netcom-no 57803 Norway Netcom
no networknorway-no 57804 Norway Network Norway
no tdc-no 57808 TDC Mobil
no tele2-no 57805 Norway Tele2
no telenor-no 57806 Norway Telenor
no unknown-no 57899 Unknown Norway
no ventelo-no 57807 Norway Ventelo
nz telecom-nz 55402 Telecom New Zealand Spark
nz twodegrees-nz 55403 Two Degrees New Zealand
nz unknown-nz 55499 Unknown New Zealand
nz vodafone-nz 55401 Vodafone New Zealand
om nawras-om 51202 Nawras Oman Formerly Nawras
om oman-om 51201 Oman Mobile
om unknown-om 51299 Unknown Oman
pa candw-pa 59134 Cable & Wireless Panama
pa movistar-pa 59108 Movistar Panama
pa bsc-pa 59102 BSC de Panama
pa claro-pa 59105 Claro Panama
pa cw-pa 59101 C&W Panama
pa digicel-pa 59104 Digicel Panama
pa telefonica-pa 59103 Telefonica Panama
pa unknown-pa 59199 Unknown Panama
pe claro-pe 60478 Claro Peru
pe movistar-pe 60453 Movistar Peru
pe nextel-pe 60402 Nextel Peru
pe telefonica-pe 60403 Telefonica Peru
pe tim-pe 60401 TIM Peru
pe unknown-pe 60499 Unknown Peru
ph broadband-ph 60801 Broadband Philippines
ph digitel-ph 60802 Digitel Mobile Philippines
ph express-ph 60803 Express Telecom Philippines
ph globe-ph 60804 Globe Telecom Philippines
ph islacom-ph 60805 Islacom Philippines
ph nextel-ph 60806 Nextel Philippines
ph piltel-ph 60807 Piltel Philippines
ph smart-ph 60808 Smart Communications Philippines
ph unknown-ph 60899 Unknown Philippines Operator
pk unknown-pk 58699 Unknown Pakistan
pl cyfrowy-pl 61605 Cyfrowy Polsat Poland
pl p4play-pl 61604 P4 Play Poland
pl polkomtel-pl 61601 Polkmotel Plus Poland
pl ptcera-pl 61602 PTC Era Poland
pl ptkorange-pl 61603 PTK Orange Poland
pl unknown-pl 61699 Unknown Poland
pr claro-pr 63001 Claro Portugal
pr openmobile-pr 63002 Open Mobile Portugal
pt optimus-pt 62002 Optimus Portugal
pt tmn-pt 62003 TMN Portugal Formerly TMN
pt unknown-pt 62099 Unknown Portugal
pt vodafone-pt 62001 Vodafone Telecel Portugal
py tigo-py 60025 Tigo Paraguay
py unknown-py 60099 Unknown Paraguay
py vox-py 60058 VOX Paraguay
qa qtel-qa 63401 Q-Tel Qatar Foremrly Qtel
qa unknown-qa 63499 Unknown Qatar
qa vodafone-qa 63402 Vodafone Qatar
ro cosmorom-ro 64203 Cosmorom Romania
ro digimobil-ro 64204 Digi Mobil Romania
ro orange-ro 64202 Orange Romania
ro unknown-ro 64299 Unknown Romania
ro vodafone-ro 64201 Vodafone Romania
ru baykalwestcom-ru 64301 Baykalwestcom Russia
ru dontelecom-ru 64312 DonTeleCom Russia Formerly Dontelecom
ru ekaterinburg-ru 64302 Ekaterinburg Russia
ru kuban-ru 64313 Kuban GSM Russia
ru megafon-ru 64304 Megafon Russia
ru newtelephone-ru 64306 New Telephone Company Russia
ru nizhegorodskaye-ru 64307 NCC Nizhegorodskaye Russia
ru sibchallenge-ru 64308 SIBCHALLENGE LTD Russia Formerly Sibchallenge
ru skylink-ru 64315 Skylink Russia
ru tele2-ru 64314 Tele2 Russia
ru telesystems-ru 64305 Mobile TeleSystems Russia
ru unknown-ru 64399 Russia Operator
ru unknown2-ru 64398 Russian Federation Operator
ru uralsvyazinform-ru 64303 JSC Uralsvyazinform Russia Foremrly Uralsvyazinform
ru uraltel-ru 64309 Uraltel Russia Formerly Uraltel
ru vimpelcom-ru 64310 OJSC VimpelCom Russia Subsidiary of VimpelCom
ru yenisey-ru 64311 Yenisey Telecom Russia
ru zaosmarts-ru 64316 Zao Smarts Russia
sa unknown-sa 68299 Unknown Saudi Arabia
se 3-se 75202 Sweden 3 Three
se ainmt-se 75203 AINMT Sverige Sweden
se barablu-se 75207 Barablu Sweden
se generic-se 75211 Generic Mobil Sys Sweden
se gotalandsnatet-se 75210 Gotalandsnatet Sweden
se maingate-se 75209 Wireless Maingate Sweden
se mundio-se 75213 Mundio Mobile Sweden
se spinbox-se 75208 Spinbox Sweden
se spring-se 75206 Spring Sweden
se tele2-se 75204 Sweden Tele2 Sweden
se telenor-se 75205 Sweden Telenor
se telia-se 75201 Sweden Telia
se tigo-se 75214 Tigo Ltd Sweden
se unknown-se 75299 Unknown Sweden
sg mobileone-sg 70202 MobileOne Singapore
sg singtel-sg 70201 SingTel Singapore
sg starhub-sg 70203 Starhub Singapore
sg unknown-sg 70299 Unknown Singapore
si mobitel-si 70501 Mobitel Slovenia
si t2-si 70502 T-2 d.o.o. Slovenia
si unknown-si 70599 Unknown Slovenia
si vega-si 70503 Vega Slovenia
sk orange-sk 70301 Orange Slovakia
sk telefonica-sk 70303 Telefonica O2 Slovakia O2
sk tmobile-sk 70302 T-Mobile Slovakia
sk unknown-sk 70399 Unknown Slovakia
sv claro-sv 22244 Claro El Salvador
sv movistar-sv 22250 Movistar El Salvador
sv tigo-sv 22275 Tigo El Salvador
sv cte-sv 22201 CTE Telecom Personal El Salvador Formerly CTE Telecom
sv digicel-sv 22228 Digicel El Salvador
sv telefonica-sv 22203 Telefonica El Salvador
sv telemovil-sv 22204 Telemovil El Salvador Formerly Telemovil
sv unknown-sv 22299 Unknown El Salvador
th ais-th 76401 AIS Thailand
th atc-th 76402 ATC Mobile Thailand
th digital-th 76404 Digital Phone Thailand
th orange-th 76405 Orange Thailand
th tac-th 76403 TAC Thailand
th unknown-th 76499 Unknown Thailand
tr unknown-tr 79299 Unknown Turkey
tw aptg-tw 15802 APTG Taiwan
tw chunghwa-tw 15804 Chunghwa Telecom Taiwan
tw fareastone-tw 15801 Far EasTone Taiwan
tw mobitai-tw 15805 Mobitai Taiwan
tw taiwan-tw 15806 Taiwan Mobile (TCC) Taiwan
tw transasia-tw 15807 Trans Asia Taiwan
tw unknown-tw 15899 Unknown Taiwan
tw vibo-tw 15803 VIBO Taiwan
ua astelit-ua 80405 Astelit Ukraine
ua kyivstar-ua 80401 Kyivstar Ukraine
ua ukrtelecom-ua 80403 UKRTelecom Ukraine
ua umc-ua 80404 UMC Ukraine
ua unknown-ua 80499 Unknown Ukraine
ua wellcom-ua 80402 WellCOM Ukraine
uk dolphin-uk 82609 Dolphin Telecommunications UK
uk guernsey-uk 82610 Guernsey Telecom UK
uk h3g-uk 82601 Hutchison 3G UK
uk jersey-uk 82611 Jersey Telecom UK
uk manx-uk 82612 Manx Telecom UK
uk mercury-uk 82608 Mercury One UK
uk o2-uk 82602 O2 UK
uk one2one-uk 82607 One2one UK T-Mobile
uk orange-uk 82603 Orange UK
uk tmobile-uk 82604 T-Mobile UK
uk unknown-uk 82699 Unknown UK
uk virgin-uk 82605 Virgin Mobile UK
uk vodafone-uk 82606 Vodafone UK
us cordova 84027
us cricketatt 84065
us matt 99997
us simulator-us 99996
us acs 84039 ACS Wireless USA Alaska Communications Systems Inc.
us alltel 84003 Alltel USA
us alltelawcc 84078 Alltel AWCC USA
us allwest 84020 All West Communications USA
us appalachian 84074 Appalachian Wireless USA East Kentucky Networks
us astac 84019 ASTAC Wireless, LLC USA
us attws 84001 AT&T Blue USA
us bandwidth 84017 Bandwidth USA
us bluegrass 84000 Bluegrass Cellular USA
us boost 84004 Boost USA
us boostunl 84031 Boost Unlimited USA
us breakaway 84021 Breakaway Wireless USA
us cablevision 84075 CableVision USA
us carolinawest 84025 Carolina West Wireless USA
us cellcom 84023 Cellcom USA
us celloneeci 84098 Cellular One of East Central Illinois USA ECIT
us cellonemontana 84026 ClearTalk Wireless USA MTPCS, formerly Chinook Wireless
us celloneneaz 84079 Cellular One N East Arizona USA
us cellonenepa 84014 Cellular One of NEPA USA South Canaan Cellular Communications Co.
us cellsouth 84068 C Spire Wireless USA Cellular South
us centennial 84024 Centennial Wireless USA
us chariton 84076 Chariton Valley Cellular USA Valley Cellular
us chat 84028 Chat Mobility USA Hawkeye Chat Mobility
us cingular 84002 AT&T Orange USA Cingular
us corr 84041 Corr Wireless Communications, LLC USA AT&T
us cox 84042 Cox Wireless USA Cox Communications Cox TMI Wireless
us cricket 84005 Cricket Communications USA Leap Wireless
us ctc 84029 CTC USA
us cvgbell 84016 Cincinnati Bell USA
us dobson 84006 Dobson USA
us duet 84087 Duet Wireless USA
us element 84059 Element Mobile USA
us enflick 84018 Enflick USA
us epic 84055 Epic Touch USA
us farmersmutual 84033 Farmers Mutual Telephone Co USA
us flat 84091 ClearTalk Wireless USA Flat Wireless
us gci 84073 GCI Communications USA Alaska DigiTel
us golden 84013 Golden State Cellular USA Sierra Cellilar Alpine RSA 3
us goldstar 84071 Gold Star Communications USA
us gvoice 84095 Google Voice USA
us ilvalley 84052 Illinois Valley Cellular USA IVC
us immix 84051 Immix Wireless USA PC Management
us inland 84056 Inland Cellular USA Washington RSA No. 8 Limited Partnership
us iwireless 84060 iWireless USA Iowa Wireless Services
us jasper 84064 Jasper USA Zig / AIO Wireless
us manti 84072 Manti Tel USA
us metropcs 84083 MetroPCS USA
us midriver 84100 Mid-Rivers Communications USA
us mobilnation 84067 Mobile Nation USA
us mobipcs 84061 Mobi PCS USA
us mosaic 84053 Mosaic Telecom USA
us mtawireless 84057 MTA Wireless USA
us nextech 84058 Nex-Tech Wireless USA
us nextel 84007 Nextel USA
us ntelos 84030 nTelos Wireless USA
us nuclanaturita 84036 Nucla-Naturita Telephone Co3 USA
us nwmissouricell 84035 Northwest Missouri Cellular USA Hawkeye Northwest Missouri Cellular
us panhandle 84037 Panhandle Telecommunications USA PTCI Communications and Broadband
us peoples 84062 Peoples Wireless USA
us pinebelt 84032 Pine Belt Tel. Co., Inc. USA
us pinecellular 84088 Pine Cellular USA
us pioneer 84040 Pioneer Cellular USA
us plateau 84063 Plateau Wireless USA Plateau Communications
us pocket 84043 (part of Cricket Communications) USA Cricket Communication
us revol 84097 Revol Wireless USA
us sagebrush 84092 Sagebrush USA
us silverstar 84044 Silver Star PCS USA
us simmetry 84045 Simmetry Wireless USA
us SIMobil 70504 SIMobil USA
us snakeriver 84046 Snake River PCS USA Eagle Telephone System
us southernlinc 84089 SouthernLinc Wireless USA Southern Communications Services, Inc.
us sprint 84008 Sprint USA
us sprocket 84048 Sprocket Wireless USA Cross Wireless
us srtwireless 84090 SRT Wireless USA North Dakota Network Co. dba SRT Wireless
us strata 84049 Strata Networks USA UBET Wireless
us suncom 84009 SunCom Wireless USA T-Mobile
us syringa 84050 Syringa Wireless USA
us thumb 84086 Thumb Cellular USA
us tmobile 84010 T-Mobile USA
us ubet 84047 UBET Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommunications
us unicel 84038 unicel USA
us union 84054 Union Wireless USA
us united 84077 United Wireless USA
us unknown-us 84099 Unknown USA
us uscellular 84011 US Cellular USA
us verizon 84012 Verizon Wireless USA
us viaero 84015 Viaero Wireless USA NE Colorado Inc.
us virgin 84022 Virgin Mobile USA
us westcentral 84066 West Central Wireless USA
uy ancel-uy 85879
uy claro-uy 85806 Claro Uruguay
uy movistar-uy 85810 Movistar Uruguay
uy unknown-uy 85899 Unknown Uruguay
ve digitel-ve 86219 Digitel GSM Venezuela
ve movilnet-ve 86276 Movilnet Venezuela
ve movistar-ve 86274 Movistar Venezuela
ve unknown-ve 86299 Unknown Venezuela
za unknown-za 71099 Unknown South Africa
zm unknown-zm 89499 Unknown Zambia
zm zain-zm 89401 Zain Zambia
zm zamtel-zm 89402 Zamtel Zambia
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