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Receiving a Delivery Receipt (DR)

Genesys sends a Delivery Receipt (DR) to a client-provided URL via a HTTP POST.

Genesys may send the request from several IP address ranges. Moreover, Genesys may send concurrent requests.

Delivery Receipt Parameters

This request is sent using the following parameters:

Parameter Value
type receipt
message_id The message_id sent to Genesys in the original MT request.
message_state The codes are defined in the Status Table, below.
result_code The result code provides more detailed information on the status code. This is discussed in the Result Code section below.
app_id If a value for app_id had been provided in the original MT request.
conversation_id If a value for conversation_id had been provided in the original MT request.

Message State

Code Description
1 The message is en-route to the handset.
2 The message has been delivered to the handset.
3 The message expired before reaching the handset.
4 The message was deleted by an Aggregator.
5 The message is undeliverable to the handset.
6 The message has been accepted by an Aggregator.
7 The state of the message is unknown.
8 The message has been rejected.

Result Code

In the case of failures the result code can be used to provide more detailed information. By default, the following detailed information is provided:

Code Detailed Reason
0 Success.
1 The queued MT has been rejected by the upstream provider. Check the phone number and carrier and try again.
2 There has been an authentication failure.
3 The carrier is invalid.
4 The shortcode sent is an alpha numeric, which is not permitted on this carrier.
5 The shortcode is not allowed for this carrier.
6 The message has been rejected due to throttle errors. Please resubmit.
7 The message is a duplicate.
8 The message body is too long.
98 There has been an internal service error. Try again and, if the problem persists, contact your account manager.
99 An unmapped error has occurred. Contact your account manager if you need more information.
If you need additional result code information, contact your account manager.
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