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Receiving a Mobile Originated (MO) Message

Mobile Originated messages (MOs) are delivered via HTTP or HTTPS.

Genesys may send the request from several IP address ranges, and also may send concurrent requests.

The query parameters are listed in the HTTP Parameter table below. If Genesys does not receive a 2XX response to an MO request, it will be retried. The same message_id is used on subsequent retries.

If a network error occurs before the server can read the HTTP response, the message will be redelivered, even though the client might have been able to process it successfully. As a result, it is important to check the message_id for uniqueness before processing the MO any further.

HTTP Parameter Value
type MO
message_id A unique ID for this message.
shortcode The shortcode for the message.
phone_number The phone number from which the message originated.
carrier The carrier’s ID, from the Reach list.
message The message body.
mms_attachment[n].content_type If it is an MMS message, then the Base64 encoded content of the attachment.
mms_attachment[n].content If it is a multimedia message, then the Base64 encoded bytes of the attachment.
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