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Printing Your Performance

If you work in a role that has permission to print reports, you will see the Print button (Pma faagent-print-button 85101.png) on your dashboard. If the Print button is available on your dashboard, then you can view your performance in a formatted report. The report is generated as a PDF file. One of the prerequisites to view the PDF file is to have a PDF viewer installed on the machine where the PDF document will be viewed.

When you click the Print button for a particular pane in the dashboard the PDF file is generated. One of the following two things can happen:

  • If your machine has a default PDF Viewer (like Acrobat Reader), the data will appear in the PDF Viewer. You can then save or print the document using the PDF Viewer.
  • If your machine does not have a default PDF Viewer, an Opening FA.pdf window will appear. You can then select to open the PDF with a PDF Viewer application or save the PDF file on the disk.
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