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Alerts Pane Attributes

The attributes listed in the table below are applicable to both the CCAdv and WA Alerts panes.

  Metric Threshold Violation Alerts Manual Alerts
Name The display name of the metric whose threshold violation has caused the alert. The message configured for the alert. The message is configured in the Manual Alerts page in the Administration module.
Context The scope of the metric; that is, geographic region, application group and contact center.

The display format is: Geographic Region > Application Group > Contact Center
Base Object Name

The name of a contact center associated with the manual alert. Because a manual alert can be associated with multiple contact centers, there are multiple entries in the Alerts window for a given manual alert, with one entry for each contact center.
Alert Severity
Displays a symbol to indicate Warning (Pma warning-alert symbol 852.png) or Critical (Pma critical-alert symbol 852.png) Displays a symbol to indicate Warning (Pma warning-alert symbol 852.png) or Critical (Pma critical-alert symbol 852.png), depending on the setting that an administrator assigned in the administration module.
Metric Value The metric's value. Displayed in a red field if the alert has Critical severity, otherwise displayed in a yellow field.
Last Updated Metric Deviation Displays the following three types of data in the format: Pma ccadv alert-value-comparison-indicators 852.png
  • Value pointer—An up arrow or down arrow, depending on whether the value has increased or decreased since the last reading.
  • Difference value—Equals the current value minus the last read value (that is, dv = cv - lrv).
  • Difference percentage—Equals the result of the current value, minus the last read value, divided by the last read value (that is, dp = [cv - lrv] / lrv).

The text is colored according to severity: red [Critical], or yellow [Warning].

Threshold The violation and warning thresholds.

Thresholds with only an upper or lower limit will have one of the following structures (the order in which the words "Warning" and "Critical" are listed identifies the threshold values as upper limits or lower limits):

Upper level:
Pma ccadv alert-threshold-upper-values-only 852.png

Lower level:
Pma ccadv alert-threshold-lower-values-only 852.png

Thresholds with both an upper and lower limit will have the following structure:
Pma ccadv alert-threshold-values 852.png

Dates and Times The Started and Duration of the alert. The start time (the Effective Date) and end time (the Expiration Date) for a manual alert.
Sparkline A graph appears in the expanded cell, showing the metric and alert activity from the time the sparkline is open.

At each bar (time interval) a tooltip displays the date, time, and metric value.

The columns are colored at each time interval, according to the severity of the alert.

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