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Contact Centers

This section describes how to configure contact centers. The following screenshot shows the Contact Centers page in the Administration module.

Contact Centers Page

Adding or Deleting a Contact Center in Configuration Manager

New contact centers can be added only in Genesys Configuration Manager. Adding and deleting contact centers cannot be performed in the Advisors Administration module. However, you can make a contact center inactive, or remove the contact center from the Advisors configuration.

To add a new contact center or delete a contact center in Configuration Manager, see Advisors Business Objects.

Configuring the Attributes for a Contact Center in Advisors

See Configuring Contact Centers.

Removing a Contact Center from Advisors Configuration

To remove the contact center from the Advisors configuration, click on the Remove from Advisors Configuration button. This removal is not synchronized back to Configuration Manager. The contact center continues to be present in the contact center list, but displays as not configured and not active. The contact center completely disappears from the list only after it is deleted from the Configuration Manager.

Before removing a contact center from the Advisors configuration, you must remove all other objects that are dependent on it.
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