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Scrolling and Resizing the Views

The views in the Alerts window each display alerts in their own individual rows:

  • The Global view displays all alerts in one list.
  • The Contact Center views display alerts that are specific to each contact center.

There is one Global view and one Contact Center view for each configured contact center that you have permissions to see. To display a list from which you can choose a contact center or the Global view, click the contact center name or the Global view in the navigation bar at the top of the Alerts window.

When the Alerts window is opened and there are no alerts, a "No Alerts" message appears.

You can scroll through the alerts automatically or manually by using the Auto or Manual radio button at the bottom of the window.

  • In Auto mode, alerts are shown for all contact centers in the Global view, then for each contact center in the Contact Center views in a carousel-like manner.
  • In Manual mode, you control the list of alerts that display.

Selecting Auto mode enables all auto actions, such as:

  • Automatic scrolling through the All Alerts view (Global) and then each Contact Center view, horizontally in a loop.
  • Views switching automatically every 20 seconds (if you take no action).
  • Temporary disabling of Auto mode if you perform an action in the Alerts window.
  • Resumption of Auto mode if you take no further action after 15 seconds.
  • Disabling of Auto mode when you select Manual mode.

Selecting Manual mode enables all manual actions, such as:

  • Manual scrolling through the All Alerts and Contact Center views, vertically (up or down) and horizontally (right or left, using the arrows in the navigation bar).
  • Expanding or collapsing each individual alert.

The Alerts window is resizable (minimum size 800 by 410 pixels). If it is expanded vertically, more alerts are displayed in the window. If it is expanded horizontally, more of the context in each alert is displayed in the window.

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