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The Advisors accessibility interface functionality is a subset of JAWS Standard version 11. It provides audio and a series of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to navigate the tabulated information on the screen. The screen content is translated into voice in the local language.

To log in to the accessibility interface, use the URL specific to your enterprise. Language options are dependent on the version of Advisors used in your enterprise.

The login page URL uses the following format for Contact Center Advisor (CCAdv):


The login page URL uses the following format for Workforce Advisor (WA):


For example, if the server you use to connect to the accessible dashboard has an IP address of, and a port of 8080, and you use a English-language Contact Center Advisor accessible dashboard, the URL in your enterprise would be the following:

When the login page is loaded, the software prompts you to enter your user name and password.

Click B on your keyboard to log out.

The information on this page includes instructions about how to use the accessibility interface after you successfully log in.

Accessibility Interface Home Page

The accessibility interface home page contains navigation links.

The links are available only if you have permissions to use them (see Role-Based Access and Permissions).

The navigation links open the following pages:

  • CCAdv/WA dashboard pages:
    • Reporting Region - Contact Centers
    • Reporting Region - Application Groups
    • Geographic Region - Contact Centers
    • Geographic Region - Application Groups
    • Operating Unit - Contact Centers
    • Operating Unit - Application Groups
  • Additional WA dashboard pages:
    • Geographic Regions - Network CCs
    • Reporting Regions - Network CCs
    • Operating Units - Network CCs
    • Application Groups - Network CCs
  • the Alerts page (applicable to both CCAdv and WA)

Navigation on the Home Page

Use the TAB key (move forward) and the SHFT+TAB key combination (move backwards) to move between links on the home page.

The accessibility software provides audio to identify each link when you select it. To open a page from a link, select the link and press Enter on your keyboard.

Dashboard Pages

When you open a dashboard page, the accessibility software reads the view name and navigation help tips.

The dashboard pages consist of tables that provide information associated with reporting regions, geographic regions, operating units, and application groups. In tables that contain metric values, the accessibility software notifies you if metric values have triggered an alert. The audio reads "critical" or "warning" after any metric value that is in violation.

The Contact Center Advisor accessibility interface groups the metrics that display on any dashboard page first by channel, then by time profile, and finally alphabetically by metric name.

Alerts Page

To find the total number of critical and warning alerts, navigate to the Alerts page, which contains a table that provides information such as:

  • metric names and descriptions
  • metric values
  • alert level for each metric (alerts are ordered by alert level: critical, then warning)
  • description of each alert

Basic Navigation on Dashboard and Alerts Pages

To navigate using a link, select the link and press Enter on your keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used in conjunction with the screen reader accessibility software, as an alternative to the standard browser navigation. The following table describes the basic keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut Accessibility Function
T Stops the audio explanation of the navigation help tips and jumps to the CCAdv or WA view table.
CTRL + ALT + NumPad5 Reads the row and column coordinates, followed by the cell contents, then the appropriate row and column headings.
CTRL + ALT + Right Arrow Moves one cell to the right in the same row.
CTRL + ALT + Left Arrow Moves one cell to the left in the same row.
CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow Moves one cell up in the same column.
CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow Moves one cell down in the same column.
CTRL + ALT + Home Key Moves to the first cell in the current table.
CTRL + ALT + End Key Moves to the last cell in the current table.
Alt + Left Arrow key Select another view.
Backspace Key Returns to the accessibility interface home page.
B Log out.
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