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Personal Development Reviews

The new PDR feature allows agents to specify their personal development objectives and have these objectives reviewed and approved by their manager.

The feature is divided into two new widgets: PDR and PDR Dashboard. The PDR page is primarily for agents to define their development objectives, whilst the dashboard allows managers to edit, approve and check the status of their reports’ PDRs.

PDR Dashboard Widget

Managers can view the status of their reports’ PDRs, as well as edit and approve PDR objectives submitted by their reports via the PDR Dashboard widget.

Pdna PDR Dashboard 900.png

Selecting the PDR Dashboard widget from the navigation menu will display the logged-in manager’s list of direct reports, including their Login ID, name and PDR status. The status column will contain either: Not started, In Progress, Submitted for Approval (available for review and approval by the manager) or Approved (for PDRs that have been approved by the manager). Reports’ PDRs will become available for viewing and editing by the manager once they’ve been submitted. Once a PDR has been approved it will become available to both the agent and manager in read-only mode.

Pdna Reviewing objectives 900.png

PDR Dashboard Widget

Managers will only be able to see the PDRs of users who are directly below them in the hierarchy.

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