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Knowledge Center CMS migration

Migrating from 8.5.3 to 9.0.0 Knowledge Center CMS

Backup data in 8.5.3 Knowledge Center CMS

  1. Back up the data from 8.5.3 Knowledge Center CMS using the Backup function from the list on the Knowledge Bases page.
    CMS 8.5.303 data migration backup button.png
  2. Backup knowledge base definitions using the Backup configuration function from the Edit Knowledge base page.
    CMS 8.5.303 data migration backup configuration.png

Restore data in 9.0.0 Knowledge Center CMS

  1. Install new 9.0.0 Knowledge Center CMS software
  2. Start the CMS
  3. Restore the knowledge bases definitions using the Import function (using the .scheme files, created during the Backup)
GKC Mig01.png
GKC Mig02.png
More information can be found in Importing Knowledge Base Configuration
  1. Restore the data in each knowledge base created using the Restore function (using the .zip files with data, created during the Backup).
GKC Mig03.png
GKC Mig04.png

Upgrade version in 9.0.0

During an upgrade from one version to another in 9.0.0 (for example from to 9.0.0003.03) there is no need for a separate data migration. The Data base schema is updated automatically if changes are added.

Do not forget to back up your data at the database level before migration.
  1. Back up your database in MS SQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL.
  2. Uninstall the old CMS version.
  3. Install the new CMS version.
  4. Run the new CMS version.
  5. If problems occur, restore the old CMS verson and database from the backup.


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