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Importing Data Into the Knowledge Base

You can use the Import Tool to add sample QNA data to your knowledge base. This tool is located in the ./server/tools directory in the Knowledge Center installation folder. It comes with the following resources:

  • knowledgeFAQ.xml—List of basic QNA data, provided with the Knowledge Center Server indexing tool
  • gks-indexer-tool.jar—Java-based indexing tool
  • importFAQ.bat—Simple data import script

Data Import Syntax

Users must have Knowledge.AUTHOR privileges in order to use the Administrator plugin.

Use the following syntax to import data:

- java -jar gks-indexer-tool.jar 
--host <GKC server node URL>
--file <path to XML data or folder that contains it> 
--user <authorized user> 
--authorization "username:password"

The authorization parameter is only required if you have enabled the security option for Knowledge Center Cluster.

Sample Import Script

Here is an example of what your import script might look like:

java -jar <Path to GKC Server>\GKC_Server\server\tools\gks-indexer-tool.jar 
--host "http://sample.com:9001/gks-server" 
--file "<Path to GKC Server>\GKC_Server\server\tools\knowledgeFAQ.xml"
--user "gkc_admin"

If it works, this script will import sample QNA data into the knowledge base.

Sample QNA Data

Here is an example of the data stored in the XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<documents kbsId="knowledgeFAQ" lang="en">
        <question>What Is Knowledge Center?</question>
        <answer>The Genesys Knowledge Center ultimate goal is to convert 
your knowledge into the answers on the question your clients or agents have. 
It delivers set of the component for administration, authoring and using the 
knowledge. The heart of the system is the Knowledge Center Server that 
aimed to find the best answer on the question you have asked.</answer>
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