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Open Media Interactions

Open media is an interaction type that you might be required to handle besides the other non-voice interactions such as email or chat. Open media is generally configured as a channel (Workitem) by your organization and it is available under My Channels tab. Note that the open media interaction is supported only in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Like any other interaction, you can set your status to ready, accept and work on the open media interaction, transfer to an agent, set disposition, and mark done. You can view your open media activity details under Activity History.

See Workitems page for full functionalities of this feature.

Workbin for open media is not supported in Lightning Experience mode. You can move an open media interaction in and out of a Workbin, however the functionalities that involve integration with Salesforce such as screen pop and activity history are not supported.

Screen pop for Open Media


When you accept the open media invitation in Agent Desktop, you can notice that the related contact record is shown as a screen pop in the Contacts tab in Salesforce Lightning. If there is no contact information available, the New Contact page is displayed.

If configured by your administrator, you may also get a screen pop on open media invite or transfer from other agents.

Activity History for Open Media


When you mark an open media interaction as done (Mark Done), the details about the interaction are added to the contacts's activity history in the Activity tab in Salesforce Lightning.

To view the detailed activity history,

  • Click on the activity link in the Past Activity section. The activity history and its details are displayed as a separate tab in Salesforce Lightning.

The types of information that are saved in the activity history of an open media activity include:

  • Assigned To
  • Created By
  • Last Modified By
  • Subject
  • Due Date
  • Related To
  • Comments
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Call Duration
  • Call Object Identifier
  • Call Type (inbound only)
  • Call Result
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