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Preview Interaction Configuration

There are several steps required to allow Genesys Web Services receive and interact with previews.

  1. Configure the Universal Routing Server (URS). The following applications must be enabled on voice machine:
      • URS
      • URS_B
  2. Under the URS application object, on the Server Info tab, the following ports should be specified:
      • default (for example: 2070)
      • http (for example: 2082)
      • web (for example: 1111)
  3. Re-start URS.
    Ensure there are no http/web sections under the "Options" tab. If this section is defined, ensure there is no port information provided for this option or a conflict situation will arise and the URS will not know which port to use.
  4. On the CloudCluster application object, on the Connections tab, add a connection to the URS.
  5. Interaction Route Designer (IRD) should be added to the Applications folder and a vacant routing point should be created inside SIP_Switch.
  6. A strategy should be uploaded and assigned to the routing point.
      • The strategy should contain following blocks:
        • Web module which invokes Genesys Web Services
        • A function to listen for external events
    A simple strategy example can be found here:
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