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Migration to 8.5.1

From 8.5.0

Start of Procedure

  1. Stop Jetty on all the Workspace Web Edition & Web Services nodes.
  2. Update Cassandra with all cf-schema-<version>.txt files in the [install CD]]/data directory.
    1. Copy the [install CD]]/data directory to the Cassandra node host.
    2. Important
      You must run these scripts in order, beginning with cf-schema-
    3. For each cf-schema-<version>.txt file, run the following command to update the Cassandra schema:
  3. [cassandra install dir]/bin/cassandra-cli  -h [cassandra host] --file cf-schema-<version>.txt
  • [cassandra host] is the host name (FQDN) or IP of the Cassandra node
  • For each Workspace Web Edition & Web Services node, complete the following steps:
    1. Complete the Deploying the Web Application procedure.
    2. Tip
      Make a backup of your configuration folder ($JETTY_HOME/genconfig) to use as a reference for setting configuration options.
    3. Review Configuring Workspace Web Edition & Web Services and its sub-topics and set the options required for your deployment.
      The following configuration options have been modified in the $JETTY_HOME/genconfig/server-settings.yaml file in 8.5.1:
      Option Type of Change
      activationTimeout The default value changed from 1000 to 12000.
      connectionTimeout The default value changed from 400 to 4000.
      cmeAuthenticationEnabled Removed
  • Complete the Starting and Testing Workspace Web Edition & Web Services procedure.
  • End of Procedure

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