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Migration to 8.5.1

From 8.5.0

Start of Procedure

  1. Stop Jetty on all the Workspace Web Edition & Web Services nodes.
  2. Update Cassandra with all cf-schema-<version>.txt files in the [install CD]]/data directory.
    1. Copy the [install CD]]/data directory to the Cassandra node host.
    2. Important
      You must run these scripts in order, beginning with cf-schema-
    3. For each cf-schema-<version>.txt file, run the following command to update the Cassandra schema:
  3. [cassandra install dir]/bin/cassandra-cli  -h [cassandra host] --file cf-schema-<version>.txt
  • [cassandra host] is the host name (FQDN) or IP of the Cassandra node
  • For each Workspace Web Edition & Web Services node, complete the following steps:
    1. Complete the Deploying the Web Application procedure.
    2. Tip
      Make a backup of your configuration folder ($JETTY_HOME/genconfig) to use as a reference for setting configuration options.
    3. Review Configuring Workspace Web Edition & Web Services and its sub-topics and set the options required for your deployment.
      The following configuration options have been modified in the $JETTY_HOME/genconfig/server-settings.yaml file in 8.5.1:
      Option Type of Change
      activationTimeout The default value changed from 1000 to 12000.
      connectionTimeout The default value changed from 400 to 4000.
      cmeAuthenticationEnabled Removed
    4. Complete the Starting and Testing Workspace Web Edition & Web Services procedure.
  • End of Procedure

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