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List of statistics to be monitored

Entry Format

Two modes of statistics definitions are supported, "simple" and "extended". In "simple" mode, the statistic type is defined in Configuration Manager and the statistics.yaml entry defines the additional statistics options and the statistic name in the API. In "extended" mode, the full definition of the statistic is provided in statistics.yaml entry. In this case there is no need to use Configuration Manager for statistic definition. The switch between modes is defined basing on presence of statisticDefinitionEx property. If the specified mode is in "extended" mode, statisticDefinitionName is ignored if present.

Simple Mode Entry Format

[+] Simple Mode Entry Format

Extended mode entry format

[+] Extended Mode Entry Format

Queue Statistics

[+] Total_Answered

[+] Total_Abandoned

[+] Current_In_Queue

[+] CurrMaxCallWaitingTime

[+] ServiceLevel

[+] AverageWaitingTime

Skills Statistics

[+] CurrentNotReadyAgents

[+] CurrentReadyAgents

[+] CurrNumberInCall

[+] LongestIdleTime

[+] AverageHandlingTime

[+] ServiceLevel

Agent Statistics

[+] Other agent statistics


See Enabling Reporting in the Workspace Web Edition & Web Services Deployment Guide.

See Configuring Virtual Queues & Virtual Agent Groups in the Workspace Web Edition & Web Services Deployment Guide.

This list is the minimal list - it contains only statistics which are required for current version of UI.

[+] Sample statistics.yaml file

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