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SCXML Strategies

Hosting your Engagement Logic routing strategy on another server

By default, your Engagement Logic routing strategy is hosted on your Web Engagement Server. If you want to host it on another web server, follow these steps:


  1. Locate the routing strategy that you want to host on the new server. By default, the Engagement Logic routing strategy is created and modified in the folder Web Engagement Root\apps\<your application>\resources\_composer_projects\WebEngagement_EngagementLogic. If you are planning to use this strategy outside of Web Engagement Server, you'll need to copy the src-gen and include sub-folders and their contents. You can also use your own strategy.
  2. Move the routing strategy to the desired location.
  3. Modify the Enhanced Routing objects whose names start with Webengagement_. These objects are usually located in the Scripts folder.
  4. Modify the url option from the Application section of the Annex so that it points to the strategy's new location.


Speed up processing of webengagement Open Media interactions

Open Media interactions of the webengagement type may be collected in the Interaction Queue. At times, they can be processed more slowly than expected. As a result, visitors may leave pages where hot leads are triggered before notifications are sent from Engagement Logic strategy to the browser (through the GWE). For example, this may happen when GWE produces a very large number of hot leads in a short amount of time.

Genesys recommends that you avoid triggering an excessive number of hot leads. For example avoid producing a hot lead on every page browsed by a visitor.


Too many webengagement Open Media interactions are collected in the Interaction Server database, and they are then pulled too slowly.

Possible solutions

  1. Avoid generating unnecessary hot leads. (For example, do not engage customers on each and every page.)
  2. Optimize the mcr-pull-interval option of the Orchestration Server. For more information about the Orchestration Options, see Application-Level Options.
    • The default setting of 1000 causes ORS to pull one interaction per second.
    • If you specify a value of 100, you increase pulling by 10 times. Please consult Orchestration Server specialists before you modify the production environment.
  3. Rework your Engagement Logic SCXML strategy so that it uses enhanced pulling. For more information, see Composer Help.
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